À bientôt, a più tardi, see you soon

The day is finally here- a break after 365 days of blogging. I started blogging by chance and continued on by choice. A little after 100 days of posting I received my first award and that encouraged me to continue on. I never picked a name for my blog- it picked me- Jardin Luxembourg – taken from my email. It was so fitting though since I have a big passion for Paris. I somehow managed to write through vacations and moving and my computer dying…. I wrote through days of being invaded by ants and having to pack up our place to be fumigated. Early mornings, late nights, a girls’ weekend, concerts, date nights-nothing stopped me from continuing on. It is nice to achieve a goal. I hope it can inspire me to do more things that I would like to accomplish.

At first I did not know if anyone would look at my random blog about my life, my travels, and my family. The first days I was in shock to have anyone “like” what I wrote and even more shocked to have someone “comment” on my posts. I am actually really proud that I have had at least one like on every post! I told some friends what I was doing and it has been fun seeing them email, text, and sometimes comment directly on my blog. I have met some great people from the WordPress family too.. thanks to you all for taking the time to check out my little blog on this big forum.

So now I am taking a break for the holidays from posting. I have to admit I am addicted to blogging at this point – but I will never post daily for an extended period of time again. It was a really big commitment. I think my family needs the break as much as I do! I started this blog with my kids in mind – I wanted them to know a bit about me, what I did when I was younger, how I have always enjoyed traveling, and what I do with them now on a daily basis. I cannot wait to share this blog with them one day. I hope that you have all learned a bit about me as well and I look forward to returning to blogging sooner than later. I will post here one more time with a link to my new blog when I figure it all out.

picture with santa

In closing here is a fun photo I had taken of the kids this past weekend, at our church nonetheless! I love living in Southern California, near the beach with my family. There is a lot of sun, tons of beaches, the beautiful ocean, always something to do, and it is only cold for a short part of the year (please winter go away ). For now I must say à bientôt, a più tardi, see you soon!

(day 365)


Blueberry and Daily Life

blueberry & matteo

It has been awhile since I have written a post in the morning. My routine is to write at night and post in the morning after editing. I was so exhausted after Thursday’s Girl Night Out that yesterday I fell asleep at 7:00pm (and the kids stayed up until 9:30pm). Six hours of sleep and a full day of work and life just does not do it for me. Now I am back to normal and ready for the weekend.

The other day when I went to pick Matteo up from school he had a friend with him named Blueberry. Blueberry is a stuffed penguin. The children in his class take turns bringing him home, write a story about their experience, and add photos if they desire. The timing of Matteo bringing him home could have been better, but I made it work. We had just 45 minutes to do his homework before the babysitter came and I had friends over, but he created quite a nice story in that short period of time. Of course I did not make a copy of his story, but if I can get a copy from his teachers I will share it with you. His sister Malina fell in love with Blueberry too and the two kids did a little bit of fighting over who could hold him or play with him- very typical! The photos they took were fun- dressing him up, playing with him – all I saw was lots of love for Blueberry.

I have been rather lazy lately. Laundry is building up and I must finally tackle it this weekend. The idea is to do it twice a week, but sometimes it all happens on the weekend. It started raining here this week. I have a very nice umbrella somewhere, but I can’t locate it right now. I just thought of a solution- I’ll borrow one of the kid’s cute Paul Frank umbrellas from Max’s car until I locate mine. I also really need to figure out where all the coats are now- it is getting cold here in Los Angeles. Since the move in the summer I have not thought about winter clothes and do not know where I boxed and placed our winter jackets. It looks like my “to do list” is growing!

It will definitely be a mellow weekend for once, but there is one exciting event going on. Late afternoon today the kids and I are going to see the Cirque de Soleil show “Totem” down in Irvine. I have not told them that we are going there, but I have told them that they are receiving an early Christmas gift today. This will be their first Cirque show (my second). It will be extra fun since an old friend is in this show! I cannot wait to post tomorrow about the outing!

One last thing about posting- is there anything that you would like for me to write about? I have only 16 days left to post until my blogging year is over and then I will take a much needed break for the holidays. I am actually going to New Orleans to see family which is great since I have not seen my parents and brothers since last year.

On a side note I had some issues with WordPress the other day. It kept crashing on me and I was unable to post on the computer. I ended up posting via my cell phone and of course it posted to the wrong day. If you do not receive a daily post from me via email you can look at that post clicking on the arrow to view my previous posts. To fix the problem I wrote to the WordPress forum and was helped out! Yeah! I just had to switch my internet browser from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. I tell you- there is always something challenging me not to post daily- but somehow I succeed.

Okay, I better wrap this up – it has been nice posting in this manner today as usually I tell stories more than write about my daily life. I hope everyone is well and has a nice weekend.

blueberry & matteo sleeping

(day 348)

I have almost reached my goal!

mb pier

Here it is November of 2013 and I have only one month left to post until my year of blogging without a break is finally up. I can’t believe it. The year has zoomed by. I keep busy on a regular basis which has made the time go by quickly. Being a parent as well with one school aged child and one preschooler I have noticed time passing even quicker than before this stage of my life.

One year ago I knew that we wanted to move and here we are 5 months later in a new town. I am loving living near the beach and seeing the ocean at least 5 out of 7 days each week!! I have loved swimming in the ocean once again too (clean water is such a bonus). Now the kids can both swim in a pool and it is fun watching them brave the ocean now too.

It has been fun writing about anything and everything that comes to my mind. I have gone into my past and explored the present this year on my blog too.

This year it has been fun reconnecting with some old friends and meeting new ones too. My husband still has not read one of my posts, but he has helped me write a few posts and looked at photos that I include on my blog from time to time. Both of my kids want to write a post.. I will see if I can make that happen this next month.

As my blogging year ends I will admit that I have found it harder and harder to post daily, but as each morning arrives I somehow find myself sitting down on the laptop before starting a new day. I really appreciate that someone (you all) has taken the time to read what I have written, and taken a moment to hit “the like button” from time to time, or write a comment, or send me a text message/email telling me that you like what I have posted about. I have 32 days left until my goal is here. I hope that this next month is a good one and I look forward to letting you all know about whatever comes to my mind in that time.

(day 333)

100 Days of Blogging -(without a day off)!!

100 Days

My goodness, I cannot believe that this day has arrived. I have actually been blogging for 100 straight days now. Starting out in mid-December I had no clue what I was doing other than wanting to blog. I made a commitment to myself that I would blog every day. Knowing what I know now I should have said to myself that I’d blog less frequently, but it’s what I decided on that day and have decided to stick to.

Blogging has taken me down memory lane, giving me the chance to relive some great moments in my life. Blogging has inspired me to do many things as well. I have put together a virtual diary of sorts, and being a journal writer for the first 25 years of my life after learning how to write it is nice to return to something that I once enjoyed doing.

WordPress has been a challenge to learn and I still have a very basic blog. I have purchased a scanner to transfer my old photos to blogs and one of the many WordPress books to give me a formal instruction manual (now if I only had the time to read more of the book). After blogging for a month and a half I began to look at all the great blogs on WordPress and become inspired by many of you all as well. I have just one day with no “likes” on my blog, and I’m fine with that as I write about whatever motivates me.

I have shared my blog with more friends, as originally only a few people knew that I was blogging. I am also super excited to have inspired some of these friends to blog too. I am looking forward to the next 100 days as my children continue to grow and I continue to experience life’s daily adventures. As I have recently written I am looking forward to spring break (just 8 days away) and another small trip in the begining of summer (and guess what I look forward to blogging about both). Tonight I will crack open a beer with dinner and celebrate my first 100 days of blogging.

Thank you for taking the time to read, like, and comment about my personal journey.


Tieshka (a.k.a. Tiki 🙂 )

ps- The picture above is drawn by my daughter Malina Donatella.

(day 100)