Christmas is coming & almost time to say ‘goodbye’ !

christmas tree

It is time to start the countdown to Christmas –only 19 days away. What have I done in preparation for the holidays?

I have done 40% of my shopping!!!

The tree and decorations are up. – check

The Christmas cards arrived yesterday – check – now I need to address them all and send out this weekend.

The kids and I have plane tickets to go visit my parents in New Orleans. – check

I have some ideas for kid friendly activities to do while in New Orleans – check

I have a babysitter to look after the kids I can go out to the French Quarter with my brothers and sister-in-law to drink – check

What haven’t I done?

Gone ice skating. For me it is not the Christmas season until I take the kids ice skating. Perhaps this year Matteo will start skating by himself.

I still have not found the winter coats and the temperatures are dropping lower and lower each day. I should correct that statement- I have my coat- the kids are missing their coats!!! This weekend I will sort through moving boxes until I find them.. I just heard a forecast of possible freezing rain this weekend.

I have 60% of my shopping to do still. Thank goodness I am a big online shopper.

One thing I would really like to do this holiday is learn how to make homemade eggnog. My dad does this every year and I have no clue how he does it (surprise, surprise). I will sit down and write everything down to practice later at home. I will be sure to add a little rum to mine too since no one else in our house drinks eggnog but me!

It is time to take out all the fun Christmas movies for adults and kids alike. I always enjoy watching these films.

To say the least I am on the right path to have the most important things finished by Christmas. It may be a mad rush to do it all – but I will give it a try.

Anyways I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year now. I will only be writing on this blog for another 4 days until after the Christmas holiday – but don’t worry … I will be back sharing stories and photos of our trip to you all on my new blog.. .. I think that it will be similar to this blog except I will not be writing daily this time around- only crazy people do that!!

(day 361)


Another Year of Making New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Day 2012

We had a great Christmas. The kids were beyond happy as were Max and I. It was exhausting wrapping all the gifts the night before, and the kids first came to visit me at 4:30am to see if it was ‘wake up time’. At 5:30am we were up and the day began 30 minutes earlier than normal for me and hours earlier for Max.

Now that we have celebrated Christmas it’s time for the next holiday, New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day. New Year’s Eve will be easy, make sure the house is clean to end the year on a good note, have a little prosecco wine and go to bed early. If I wake up during the night I’ll watch the ball drop in New York City. New Year’s Day we’ll venture to Pasadena, California to watch the Rose Bowl Parade with a friend who lives locally if it is not bad weather. I’ve never had time to watch it live and the kids haven’t been either.

Everything is set for my new year, everything that is except New Year’s resolutions. I have made so many over the years. I have never kept one. Is that how it works for everyone?? My common resolutions have been exercise more, lose weight, find time for myself, special projects for the year, etc., etc., etc. I could make these my resolutions this year, but I won’t.

This year’s resolution has already begun, writing my blog for a year straight. I’m only up to week 3 now but I’m off to a good start. I wrote down a few topics to blog about, but wonder will I have enough for 365 days? Of course I will!! I have had so many experiences to blog on. The challenge for me will be to have the time to write. Let’s see if I can really do it.

Topic tomorrow: Will we have a place to stay in New York City?? Time to ring in the New Year.

(day 16)

It’s time to get ready for Christmas!

Christmas Lights in Los Angeles

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. We decorate the place and the kids get excited. We celebrate Jesus’ birth with a ton of presents around the tree and we go to church. On a good year we are able to celebrate with my family in New Orleans and other years we make our own traditions here in California. Sometimes we go to San Diego and sometimes we stay in Los Angeles. This year we will stay at home which is good; no need to take all the presents on the road.

I love to prepare for everything including the holidays. This year I bought my first Christmas present in September! I was definitely off to a great start. Around Thanksgiving time I pulled out all of the decorations. My daughter was off school that afternoon and could help set everything up. She had a great time unwrapping the decorations deciding where to put everything. By the time her brother and dad came home we were surrounded by a winter wonderland.

Then out came the Christmas music. I have a few songs from the ‘Barenaked Ladies’ Christmas album on my iPod & phone that I listen to all year long; they really are that good!! We have around 15 CD’s combined of holiday music sitting in the living room year round. This time of year I am so excited to hear everything and dance around with the kids.

Malina has learned Christmas songs at school which is a lot of fun. She’s often walking around singing her favorites and when she hears something she knows on the stereo she is very excited. We went to her school’s holiday show just this past Friday and it was so heartwarming putting me even more in the holiday spirit. And then it was time for Christmas vacation to begin.

After days and days of putting together all the presents, ordering online, and hiding everything in the closet we are ready! Yeah. Well actually tonight will be a ton of work wrapping gifts, but the kids will be soo excited when they see what Santa brought them.

This year the stockings have been a blessing. I have stressed to the kids that when behaving at bed time Santa is very happy with them and leaves something in their stockings. Daily they wake up wanting to see if Santa had time to visit. I told them yesterday that he’s taking a break because he’s coming back with lots of stuff on Christmas day. That night Matteo acted up.. hmmm…..

Tomorrow we listen to Christmas music, open gifts, go to church, and enjoy being at home together making new Christmas memories that will last a lifetime.

Topic tomorrow: Wearing Ear Band-Its aka (also known as) a Johnny Mac

(day 14)