Day Trip to San Francisco

Our first time to San Francisco this past spring break was on a day trip. I had my eye on the weather and saw that chances of rain were approaching for our other scheduled days in the city so we drove up from the Peninsula an additional day too. It ended up being a beautiful day. I experienced some of the best weather I have ever encountered in the city, especially for April. We spent the majority of this day in Chinatown and North Beach.

Caffe Roma

pastries at Cafe Roma


Max wanted a good Italian espresso to start the day off so we stopped at Caffé Roma in North Beach. There was a cappuccino and hot chocolates added to the tab as well.

Chinatown (1)

Chinatown Shop

Chinatown (2)

My next goal was to make it to the Dragon Gate entrance of Chinatown on Grant Street. We did ultimately make it to Grant Street, but did not make it to the Gateway Arch. Wondering around San Francisco with four children by foot you can only do so much!! I really enjoyed our adventures around Chinatown. There is always something new to see.

Attempting the rings

Willie “Woo Woo” Wong Park

Willie “Woo Woo” Wong Park (2)

Speaking of wondering around with children I limited my entrances to shops to reduce the chances of them breaking things. Lisa, my friend, located a very cool playground nearby on the map for playtime for the kids. The park is called Willie “Woo Woo” Wong Playground, named after a local Chinese-American basketball player who excelled at college basketball at the University of San Francisco in the 1940’s, despite his height (5 feet 5 inches).

The Pot Sticker

After playtime we made our way to nearby Waverly Place and ate lunch at The Pot Sticker. The meal did not disappoint!

public bus

merry-go-round time

two floor merry-go-round

From Chinatown we hopped on a bus and went down to Pier 39. I had wanted to catch a cable car tour bus and do a city tour, but timing was not on our side. If we did a tour we would not make it home until very late. Instead I came up with the alternative plan of taking the kids on the pier for a spin on the two story merry-go-round. They were surprised and happy with this plan.

snack time

dinner time!

We caught another bus back to North Beach and Max did some food shopping for dinner that evening. We enjoyed salami samples that were given to us as we waited for the meat to be cut. The meal that evening was spectacular, like always. I am soo spoiled to have an Italian husband that does cooking in our house (and friend’s places too)!

(day 143)