The Ferry Building (San Francisco)

the ferry building

Whenever I find myself in San Francisco I try to find time to visit the Ferry Building. It was built in 1898 and has withstood two major earthquakes with minimal damage. The Ferry Building is located on The Embarcadero intersected by Market Street. It currently houses a number of eateries and shops in addition to functioning as a working ferry terminal.

On our last two trips to the Ferry Building we ate lunch, did a little shopping, and visited outside of the building to take in spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay and the Bay Bridge which connects the city with the East Bay. It can be relatively cold here depending on the day, but we always spend time outside taking in the views nonetheless. Here are photos from one of my favorite spots in San Francisco.

inside the ferry building

inside the ferry building 2

Inside the Ferry Building

the kids

my kids + 1

my kids + 1 (2)

The kids with “cousin” Max enjoying their time at the Ferry Building

family picture

I snuck into a photo with Malina and Matteo- surprise kids!

bay bridge

bay bridge 2

The Bay Bridge

ferry building 2

(day 311)