À bientôt, a più tardi, see you soon

The day is finally here- a break after 365 days of blogging. I started blogging by chance and continued on by choice. A little after 100 days of posting I received my first award and that encouraged me to continue on. I never picked a name for my blog- it picked me- Jardin Luxembourg – taken from my email. It was so fitting though since I have a big passion for Paris. I somehow managed to write through vacations and moving and my computer dying…. I wrote through days of being invaded by ants and having to pack up our place to be fumigated. Early mornings, late nights, a girls’ weekend, concerts, date nights-nothing stopped me from continuing on. It is nice to achieve a goal. I hope it can inspire me to do more things that I would like to accomplish.

At first I did not know if anyone would look at my random blog about my life, my travels, and my family. The first days I was in shock to have anyone “like” what I wrote and even more shocked to have someone “comment” on my posts. I am actually really proud that I have had at least one like on every post! I told some friends what I was doing and it has been fun seeing them email, text, and sometimes comment directly on my blog. I have met some great people from the WordPress family too.. thanks to you all for taking the time to check out my little blog on this big forum.

So now I am taking a break for the holidays from posting. I have to admit I am addicted to blogging at this point – but I will never post daily for an extended period of time again. It was a really big commitment. I think my family needs the break as much as I do! I started this blog with my kids in mind – I wanted them to know a bit about me, what I did when I was younger, how I have always enjoyed traveling, and what I do with them now on a daily basis. I cannot wait to share this blog with them one day. I hope that you have all learned a bit about me as well and I look forward to returning to blogging sooner than later. I will post here one more time with a link to my new blog when I figure it all out.

picture with santa

In closing here is a fun photo I had taken of the kids this past weekend, at our church nonetheless! I love living in Southern California, near the beach with my family. There is a lot of sun, tons of beaches, the beautiful ocean, always something to do, and it is only cold for a short part of the year (please winter go away ). For now I must say à bientôt, a più tardi, see you soon!

(day 365)


18 thoughts on “À bientôt, a più tardi, see you soon

    • Hi Lucrezia! Thank you for commenting today and for your support. I have enjoyed reading your blog as well and look forward to continuing to improve my Italian. I think my kids will be proud of me one day & they will know quite a bit about their “crazy” mother.

      • You’re welcome Tiki! It’s been an honor and privilege to accompany you on this crazy journey of yours. I’ve learned so much about you, your family and many parts of the globe I’m unlikely to have the chance to visit. Our Chanukah/Hanukkah (fortunately Hebrew can be correctly spelled in English many ways which is a good thing for us typo-prone writers). Have a joyous Christmas and New Years holiday. Keep on bloggin’ though not EVERY day, LOL!

  1. I will miss you Tieshka, but very well done, now you deserve a break and some wonderful time with your family! It’s been great following your daily posts and getting a glimpse into parts of the world that I once belonged to! Your kids will love to read your blog oneday!

    I won’t say goodbye but Au Revoir and really looking forward to reading your new blog as and when!

    Wishing you and all your lovely family a very Happy Christmas and New Year for 2014!

    • Hi Sherri- thanks for your support on my journey! It has been great getting to know you through your blog as well. Yes, now it is family time and just in time for the holidays. I don’t know how I thought I could write on a blog for such a long period- but I did it!! I’m really hoping this will push me to reach for a few other goals that I have.. start small and work your way up. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family too.

      • Yes, time to move on. I’m making changes for 2014 too. Still blogging but really focusing on my book and other writing projects. It’s gotta happen 🙂

        All blessings to you my friend and enjoy every single minute with your family…as I know you do 🙂

  2. That’s how long you lasted! Bravo! I’m so happy for you and your well-deserved break, but sad for me to have this journey have come to a close! Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you on the flipside!

    • Thanks Jennifer. Yes, I somehow blogged for a year.. now I am just relaxing and thinking about packing up for a trip that we go in a few days. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well! I will be back, just not sure when.. but meanwhile I will continue to read other blogs.. it really is amazing how much time we all put into our posts!

    • Hi Ixel- thanks for your support. You were one of the first friends that I told that I was blogging. I still remember the early days when I’d stop by and talk to you about my blog, my ides, and constantly share my excitement about the project. I am sure that I will be picking your brain soon for ideas on what is to come…..

    • Thank you. I really burnt out from all the computer time. Am enjoying the break- hopefully I’ll be back to blogging again soon. Did you take a break after blogging daily?

      • I didn’t take a break I just started posting less frequently. Sometimes I went back to my old posts, reviewed them and reposted now that I wasn’t in such a rush. Good luck for 2014!

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