A Few Photos from My Travels

I love to travel. It is a big passion of mine. Whenever I can go anywhere out of town I become excited. I prefer to leave the state of California, but with the kids being so young it is hard to hop on a plane to Europe, especially when you need $6,000 just to begin your journey in the summertime. With that being said California has a lot to offer too! I still have not seen all of the central and eastern parts of the state. One day I hope to travel more outside of the state- but for now I plan on going to visit that last “local” California mission (San Gabriel) before the year ends.

Below are a few photos from my two favorite cities – Paris and San Francisco and a country that I have grown to love and appreciate even more since meeting and marrying Max- Italy. I am proud to say that that I have been to 38 states and 19 countries at the age of 41. I hope that by the age of 61 that I can raise these numbers including visiting another continent or two with Max and the kids who also love to travel!


Notre Dame

Tour Montparnasse



North Beach

Golden Gate Bridge

Fisherman's Wharf

San Francisco

the beach

Tribunale Ordinario di Firenze

Lucchetti dell’amore

Ponte Vecchio


(day 364)


9 thoughts on “A Few Photos from My Travels

    • I believe that they truly are great cities!! I’m finding Florence to be third on my list these days. Luckily I live close to at least one of them. Have a great week and you are right- the big day is coming- tomorrow!

      • Florence is one of the many places that I have yet to visit and hope to oneday too! Infact, would love to go to Tuscany and explore the entire region.

        Wow Tieshka, bet you can’t believe it! I will really miss you ;-( Hope you will be back soon!!!

      • That sounds like a good plan. From what I have seen Tuscany is a beautiful region. Could I recommend going in the summer – then you can check out the beach and the towns too.

        I’m not sure how long a break I will take- but I will definitely be back.. I am already thinking of topics, but refuse to write for blogging right now. My next project is working on an English/French children’s book with a friend in France!

      • Wow, that sounds wonderful, I wish you every success with your book! You will be great at that.

        Yes, if we ever get to Tuscany we hope to go in the summer, thanks for the recommendation. I will keep you posted, so to speak!!

        Take good care Tieshka 🙂

  1. Well… CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It’s past midnight now and I would like to be amongst the first to say, “WOW! Job well done!!” 365 DAYS ~~ what a tremendous accomplishment. I’ve been privileged to join you on this journey around the world to so many places I have not had the good fortune to visit and may never see, so thank you! May all the days and years ahead be filled with even more exciting adventures and discoveries. Maybe your children will be inspired to follow in your blogging finger-tip steps! Cheers to you!!!

    • Hi Stacey, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t believe I am done. What will I do with all this free time? That’s a joke- I know the time will be filled quite quickly. I appreciate your support as I have struggled at times to continue- but it was worth it since now I have reached my goald of blogging for a year straight!!! Never again. 🙂

    • Thank you! I am a big fan of San Francisco, Paris and the country of Italy. Blogging about this places helps me flashback to all the fun I’ve had visiting them.

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