Christmas is coming & almost time to say ‘goodbye’ !

christmas tree

It is time to start the countdown to Christmas –only 19 days away. What have I done in preparation for the holidays?

I have done 40% of my shopping!!!

The tree and decorations are up. – check

The Christmas cards arrived yesterday – check – now I need to address them all and send out this weekend.

The kids and I have plane tickets to go visit my parents in New Orleans. – check

I have some ideas for kid friendly activities to do while in New Orleans – check

I have a babysitter to look after the kids I can go out to the French Quarter with my brothers and sister-in-law to drink – check

What haven’t I done?

Gone ice skating. For me it is not the Christmas season until I take the kids ice skating. Perhaps this year Matteo will start skating by himself.

I still have not found the winter coats and the temperatures are dropping lower and lower each day. I should correct that statement- I have my coat- the kids are missing their coats!!! This weekend I will sort through moving boxes until I find them.. I just heard a forecast of possible freezing rain this weekend.

I have 60% of my shopping to do still. Thank goodness I am a big online shopper.

One thing I would really like to do this holiday is learn how to make homemade eggnog. My dad does this every year and I have no clue how he does it (surprise, surprise). I will sit down and write everything down to practice later at home. I will be sure to add a little rum to mine too since no one else in our house drinks eggnog but me!

It is time to take out all the fun Christmas movies for adults and kids alike. I always enjoy watching these films.

To say the least I am on the right path to have the most important things finished by Christmas. It may be a mad rush to do it all – but I will give it a try.

Anyways I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year now. I will only be writing on this blog for another 4 days until after the Christmas holiday – but don’t worry … I will be back sharing stories and photos of our trip to you all on my new blog.. .. I think that it will be similar to this blog except I will not be writing daily this time around- only crazy people do that!!

(day 361)


5 thoughts on “Christmas is coming & almost time to say ‘goodbye’ !

    • Hi Mary, yes it is has only been cold enough for a coat two weeks now. We just have been layering up in sweaters and light jackets… do you remember So Cal winters still?? 🙂

      Have an amazing Christmas and New Year with your family back East too!!

  1. Busy as ever Tieshka, and I am panicking big time…boy, you will be ready for a break but so much still to do! I have all three of my babies back in the next this Christmas and I really need to get on with things…until then, I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year’s and it’s been great reading all your posts, you are amazing 🙂

    • Sherri, thanks for all the kind words. It has to be nice to have all of your kids home for the holidays. I will dread when mine are old enough to have their own lives and commitments that might not involve me. Good luck finishing everything up – and do email me your mailing address – I would love to send you a Christmas card!! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s!!

      • Ahh, bless you Tieshka, how kind and I certainly will! Don’t think of the time when your kids are older, they will still want to come home as home is where you are, their mom, and always will be…it might change in some ways, but you will be ok and you will change with it. Just enjoy all these years you have with your family and milk it for all it’s worth, as you are doing even now! As they say over there, Happy Holidays 🙂

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