A Few Photos of Paris

la tour eiffel

I have been to Paris quite a few times – long trips, weekend trips, with my parents, with my husband and kids, and I can never forget that first trip with my tour group which introduced me to this beautiful city. I can’t actually recall how many times I have been here, but I fell in love with Paris that first trip and have enjoyed returning here for 20 years now- oh my I am slowly aging– but having been able to visit here in my younger years I have only learned to appreciate Paris even more as I become older.

I have always enjoyed visiting Paris with others too – showing them around my favorite spots and always finding new places along the way. It has been particularly fun visiting Paris with Max as we both visited here separately in our 20’s and have fun showing each other some of our favorite spots around town. But when we visit here now it is all about the kids so we spend more time in parks than anywhere else. The kids know I love Paris and they too are fans of the city.. I could so see Malina living here one day when she is older. As my blogging year slowly comes to a close I had to go back in my archives one last time to revisit my favorite city.

visiting the eiffel tower

le jardin du luxembourg

le sacre coeur (church)

pizza hut!

le pont alex III (bridge)

le pere lachaise (cemetery)

les bateaux mouches

(day 355)


4 thoughts on “A Few Photos of Paris

  1. How awesome that you’ve visited so many times and can’t get enough of it!
    I loved it, too on my first and (so far only) visit.

    Love the pic of the kids w the sail boat!

    • Hi Mia- I hope you have the opportunity to visit Paris again someday.

      Paris is one of the few places that I could live other than Southern California- I don’t think that opportunity will present itself again- but if it does I will definitely do it.

  2. Also, your observation that your kids have it so good and don’t even realize yet is SOO true. How many kids their age can say they’ve been to Europe as often as them? : ))

    • Hi Mia- it doesn’t hurt that they have so many relatives abroad. One day they will see what an excellent child hood that they have had. I think most children are spoiled.. even when we try not to do it!

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