Christmas Trees on the Pier (Manhattan Beach)

Manhattan Beach Pier

It was a typical weekend at the beach – spending time with my favorite “little man” while his big sister played volleyball. Looking towards the pier I saw that there were Christmas trees up; we had to check them out a little closer.

It was a beautiful morning and I don’t know why I did not wear shorts because it was that warm outside! Anyways we made our way closer. The Manhattan Beach Pier is decorated so simple yet elegant with trees up and down the pier and lights on the aquarium at the end of the pier. I enjoyed spending some time with Matteo exploring the pier – looking at the trees, the surfers and the fishermen. I hope to check it all out at night with everything lit up at some point this week.

the telesccope

stooping by tree

about to sprint

emptying sand

the aquarium


(day 350)


4 thoughts on “Christmas Trees on the Pier (Manhattan Beach)

    • It is quite beautiful Mary- when are you heading out West again? I have been spending quite a bit more time in the OC since moving to the South Bay – definitely some nice beaches that way.

    • Okay- now I know what type of tree they are! For us Southern California folks it is the norm.. without the snow and super cold weather… I haven’t seen snow in a long time other than on the mountain tops far away. Thanks for stopping by Bob.

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