Girl’s Night Out

the girls

It has been in the works for a few weeks…. a night out with the girls. Max and I had our date night recently – yeah! But after a great dinner and conversation we passed on going to the bar for a few beers and ping-pong because he was not feeling to well. Around the same time a friend asked me about going out for “beer flights”.

The next week we took a look at the calendar and planned a “girl’s night out”. There is something special about going out with the girls, enjoying each other’s company and drinking. I am such a beer lover and need that break from the kids sometimes. At the restaurant we tried a number of beer flights (Belgian, Local and Hoppy) accompanied with food before continuing on to another bar for more drinks and more food. The second place had live music. It was a great evening with my girlfriends and I look forward to the “2nd Annual Girl’s Night” as well.

beer flights- round 1

beer flights- round 2

live music



french fries and gravy

(day 347)


7 thoughts on “Girl’s Night Out

    • Hi Bob- yes, I definitely need a break from it all with the girls sometimes. I also take time to go away for a weekend with friends… so far we’ve been to Napa, Santa Barbara and Paso Robles for wine and beer tours. Next year we hope to go to San Luis Obispo.

  1. Wow, I can almost taste the beer! Looks like a fab night out Tieshka, and btw, I love your jumper (sorry, sweater!). Think that’s my garden robin you have there 🙂

    • Hi Sherri- there were some yummy beers in there for sure. I love flights because you can taste the variety of it all. We had a great time although I was challenged in the morning to get the kids ready and head off to start our day! Thank you for the compliment as well, my mom bought me that sweater.

    • It was a blast, less waking up the next morning… but now I am ready to enjoy the weekend having caught up on sleep last night. Girl’s night out definitely rule!!

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