A Day in Photos- Italy (part 2)

It was fun putting together this post on Italy- soo many photos to chose from! You can view part one of this series here. I live by the Pacific Ocean and am a big beach fan- so visiting the cities of Castiglione Della Pescaia and Porto San Stefano along the Mediterranean Sea reminded me a bit of home with totally different landscaping! In the south of Italy I truly enjoyed Naples and Sorrento, two cities also on the coast.

Milan is the only Italian city that I have visited by myself. It is a very sophisticated city – big business, well dressed people, fashion, and lots of shopping. I had a great time here. For me visiting Italy and not seeing Rome is a shame. Yes, there are tourists everywhere, but you just have to see all the famous landmarks here- even if it is just once…. and me, I was able to visit here twice!

Enjoy the photos…..

the Colosseum

the forum

the forum 2

Rome. The Colesseum and the Forum in black & white. I can only imagine how it would have been like to live here way, way back….

boats at sea

on the vespa

the coast-sorrento

I have posted on Naples and Sorrento before- so here are a few more shots from the cities that I accidently ended up visiting – and enjoyed soo much. There is something to be said about straying from your itinerary. I thought that the little girl on the Vespa was adorable. I took her photo while we sat outside eating lunch at a restaurant in Sorrento– the restaurant where I first ate “carbonara style” pasta (yum.. with eggs, bacon, cheese).

il duomo

men at work statue


cimitero storico di milano

I took the train to Milan for a weekend getaway when I live in St. Maurice, Switzerland. After the 3 hour train ride I made my way to the Duomo and found a pensione (hotel) where they spoke French since at the time I spoke no Italian. I talked with the hotel attendant and we came up with a rate for a two night stay that I agreed upon. I really enjoyed my time here- I met a few locals- wandered around… almost got locked in the cemetery.. it can be a lot of fun to travel on your own sometimes!

the beach

beach time

the tuscan coast

The Tuscan Coast is amazing. Visiting here twice in the summer with Max’s family was so much fun! His mom is such a nice person, and the rest of his family is great too. Nothing beats a morning swim in the sea, hanging out with family, eating great food, spending the day at the beach, taking naps after lunch, and just relaxing. These shots are in Castiglione Della Pescaia and Porto San Stefano.

(day 346)


5 thoughts on “A Day in Photos- Italy (part 2)

    • HI Bob- I totally agree with you about the b&w. It was really magical to take those shots with the old manual camera that my dad gave me before my trip. I haven’t used it since, but should dust it off and play around with some more b&w shots.

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