Malina Donatella


I have noticed something lately- my 7 year old is no longer a baby. She is little lady. She already wants to be a teenager and loves to watch preteen shows on the television. She pretends to be talking on the phone all the time with her friends and likes to spend time away from her brother. She no longer likes watching the show “Dora The Explorer” and actually now calls the cartoon “Dora the Exploder” laughing the whole time. She now brushes her teeth and washes her face in the morning without help – although at night we still brush her teeth and floss them too. She likes to take care of her brother (when they are not fighting) and has taken to playing volleyball quite well. So many accomplishments for a 7 year old girl. As much as I would like to keep her at this age forever I look forward to seeing her continue to grow and mature.

(day 344)


3 thoughts on “Malina Donatella

  1. It’s exciting and scary at the same time, I find. Those darn preteen shows speed everything up, I feel! What a sweet picture. She’ll keep the sweetness, I’m sure!

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