Trying to Ski


Winter is somewhat upon us now – as a matter of fact half of yesterday the sun was hiding where I live (near the beach). The other half of the day the sun was out. I will admit that I have not found my coat yet, or the kids for that matter. One thing that you might need a coat for is to go skiing.

Guess what? I do not know how to ski! Growing up in Indiana we had plenty of snow, but no mountains. Then I moved to Southern California and there were plenty of mountains and three ski resort areas with the closest only 2.5 hours- Big Bear/Arrowhead. There are local mountains as well, less than an hour from where I live- Mount Baldy- but I have never been there. I would like to visit Mammoth in the winter and was lucky enough to see Lake Tahoe once in the winter (but that was not for skiing purposes).

I can cross country ski- it is really not that hard. I had the opportunity to try that out in Yosemite and it was an amazing experience. Fast forward 5 years and I finally tried downhill skiing. I will admit it was good to try it out, but I could not do it well. I was actually quite horrible at it. I tried twice – maybe it was two years in a row- but neither trip was successful. Whenever I landed on the ground I had the hardest time getting up. I have not tried skiing again and probably never will. I enjoy the atmosphere at the lodge and want the kids to eventually see snow and try skiing themselves, but for now I will enjoy the beach and the sun instead of the snow!

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9 thoughts on “Trying to Ski

  1. I have never skiied but did enjoy taking the kids to the snow up in the mountains in the winter. With the beach why go to the snow? As you say, you can always do that later 🙂

    • Yes- I agree- we are sticking with the beach for now- but it would be nice for the kids to see snow one day.. will definitely have to do a winter mountain visit eventually!

  2. You can do it! I learned to ski when I was twenty-six and it was terrifying at first. It was also frustrating as I saw little four year olds passing me. Once you learn though, it’s a ton of fun. I ended up doing one private lesson with an instructor at Snow Summit and it was a huge help. Enjoy!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I’m now in my early 40’s so I should have learned in the 20’s. I definitely remember the fustration- and I too was at Snow Summit watching the little people zoom by.

      I have a friend who did ski patrol and I really should ask him to take the kids and I out for a private lesson sometime… we’ll see… I still don’t like cold weather either these days. Enjoy this ski season!

      • I think the older you get, it’s just more natural to be more fearful when learning something new. My husband and I went to Big Bear this summer and did the Segway and Zipline tours for the first time. I’m 36 and he’s 40, we did it, but said NEVER AGAIN!!!! 🙂

      • Hahaha… okay- something not to put on my bucket list to do in Big Bear! Good for you both though. And I’ll agree you are a bit more fearful as you age– not just with activities, but other things as well. I wouldn’t do half of the stuff I did now that I would have done in my teens and 20’s.. With that being said I find myself climbing more rocks than I ever did before following my husband and kids everywhere! I just keep crossing my fingers that no one falls.

      • Seriously, skip the Segway. I actually had a bad accident where we were climbing a small hill and the Segway tilted and fell on top of me. The wheels kept turning as I was pinned under. My husband leaped off of his and rescued me! No broken bones, but my ego was definitely bruised! The scary thing about the Segway is they tell you to avoid pinecones, because sometimes they can’t clear them.
        I have two young step kids and I was amazed at how much climbing and running we did on our recent vacation with them. It’s a different type of active!

      • Wow.. that is scary! Glad that it only affected your ego. You would think that they would have figured out how to be pinecone proof!

        I think that the climbing is only going to get worse.. at least I bring tennis shoes to follow along- two times this year I climbed rocks and feared for everyone’s lives.. no one fell… what is to come? LOL.

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