A Day in Photos- Italy

Italy (Italia) is a truly magical place. There is quite a bit of chaos, but the people really are beautiful (and real). The history of the country is amazing and the story of this country goes back way farther than the United States. I have visited here 6 times I believe- and there is still soo much more to see and experience.

The furthest north that I have been (off the train) is Milan and the furthest south that I have been is Brindisi to catch a ship to Greece. I have also been pretty far east to Trieste just miles from the Solvenian border. Having married an Italian from Bologna we tend to spend time in the north, but Max has family from just south of Rome too.. and I have to tell you although the people are very different in the north verses the south (same as here in the United States) I really enjoy everyone in a different way. I also traveled to Italy 3 times before I met my husband so on those trips I explored other areas of the country.

Trying to locate a few photos to post today from my trips to Italy I only revisited one of my trips here- my first trip with Max (before kids). I have so many great photos from this trip that I looked no further. I will try to post on Italy again in the next week to visit more cities since each is so different. Today I have photos from Bologna, Florence (Firenze) and Venice (Venezia). I find all three towns unique and beautiful, each with its’ own very distinguishable characteristics. I bet that you will too….

i portici (arches)

Bologna Football Club Stadium

formaggio (cheese) at the market

Bologna- architecture, the soccer stadium, and cheese!

Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

the duomo- florence

 the Uffizi Gallery (outside)

ponte vecchio (old bridge)

view from Fiesole

Wine! (grocery time)

Florence- La Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (inside and out), the Uffizi Museum (outside), Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), view from Fiesole (just outside of Florence), and wine. On this trip we climbed 400+ steps to visit the dome of the basilica and it was worth every step!

Canal Grande

gondolas galore

Ponte dei Sospiri

inside the mask shop

On the canals of Venice and in the mask shop

(day 341)


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