She is feeling better!


We have been very lucky the last year or so. The kids have not been sick or missed school. The few times that they have been sick it was over the weekend so we have not had to miss any work. Our luck ended this past Tuesday. Malina said she did not feel well after school and by the time she went to bed I noticed that she was indeed warm, very warm.

I began texting away looking for a babysitter to look after her on the first afternoon when Max was not available to look after her. Four people later one of my friends was available to spend the afternoon with her. On the second afternoon Matteo and I spent the afternoon with her. She was feeling much better and ready to leave the house. After picking up a gigantic packet of home work from school we went to the beach. What is better than a little fresh ocean air? Nothing.

We lucked out finding a parking spot with 2 free hours of parking by chance, and we stayed that whole time! By the way the weather has been very hot the last few days. I’m not sure if it is global warming or what, but it was almost 80 degrees at the beach and closer to 90 degrees by where I work. At the beach we played a little volleyball, smash ball, football, snacked, tried to fly a kite (not enough wind) and just relaxed. It was a great afternoon with the bonus of seeing the sun set as the kids sat on the hood of my car. Life truly is good.



the kids-beach

(day 340)


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