Staying “Young” with Blink 182

the marquee

I was very lucky to score 2 tickets to one of the 5 shows that Blink 182 played in Los Angeles over the last week on their tour celebrating the 20 year release of their “Untitled” album. When the tickets went on sell the first 2 shows were sold out in about 10 minutes. Shortly after another 3 shows were added at a different venue. My friend and I decided to go for show #3 at The Wiltern in Koreatown (Los Angeles).

Age range at the show: around 12 to 50+. Yes, I fit in that range- definitely more toward the higher end these days. My husband once asked me if I was too old to keep going to concerts and I said “no”. (We have been to 2 or 3 concerts together too over the years). I have been going to concerts since I was 12 years old and only took a break from a yearly show when my kids were very young. Tom, Mark and Travis put on a great show.

We were in the balcony level as we wanted reserved seating. The seats were good.. I could see everything! The show was great—I think “I Miss You” is my favorite song. My ears were ringing for a day after the concert, and I don’t know how I woke up, dressed two kids and myself, and made it to work on time- but I am a professional who can balance it all out as needed. Thanks Blink 182 for an awesome evening where I took the opportunity to be young again rocking it out with you guys from Poway (San Diego County) California one more time (hopefully not my last)!

outside the theatre

mia inside the theatre


group shot


group shot 2

travis 2

group shot 3

mark & special guest


confetti time

confetti time 2

after the show

(day 339)


5 thoughts on “Staying “Young” with Blink 182

    • Hehehe Bob. If you don’t like ‘alternative music’ you will have never heard of this band. They first became popular in the 1990’s and have steadily increased their fan base ever since.

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