A Day in Photos- Switzerland

montreaux- lac leman

I have been to Switzerland during three periods of my life- on a group tour of Europe, living there as an au pair (mother’s helper), and returning years later to visit the family I once worked for. In addition I have travelled through the country on numerous train trips as well, but that does not really count!

I spent most of my time in the French part of the country and on the first trip I was in the German speaking part of the country. I would love to return to visit the town of Zermatt, up in the mountains to see the Matterhorn, in the summertime since I am not a big fan of snow. For the record there are 4 languages spoken in the country including Italian and Romansh in addition to French and German. I have never heard Romansh but think it would be fun to hear. Here are photos that I have taken during my time in La Suisse (Switzerland). Sorry about the quality- they are scanned- but still some of my favorite shots.


lucerne 2

Lucerne has those beautiful wooden covered bridges.

montreux- lac leman 2

montreux- lac leman 3

montreux jazz festival

Montreux is a town where I spent a lot of time when I lived in St. Maurice. It is only a 25 minute train ride from the town where I lived and much larger. I love beautiful Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) that borders the town. The lake has a path and I spent many hours reflecting on the benches here.

St Maurice

hike with family

The house is in St. Maurice, and the other photo was taken on a family hike in the country visiting the sister of my boss.

waterfront- geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

(day 337)


5 thoughts on “A Day in Photos- Switzerland

  1. Tiki since you advised me of your blogs, reading it is the second thing I do before I get up. I enjoy all your blogs….like you I love anything and everything that has French in it whether it is food, language, culture etc. I would love to visit La Suisse one day.


    • Hi Alma- I am glad that you are enjoying reading my posts. You probably really liked the week I posted on Paris recently! La Suisse is a beautiful country and definitely worth taking the time to visit.

  2. At last Tiki you have posted a place I visited way back in the 70,s. The things I remember the most were the wood covered bridges, Lake Geneva and the Bavarian style of cottages. Thanks for the trip down my old memory train.

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