Bonding with the kids

what's happening?

I was very excited to take the kids out the other evening. On the agenda was shopping and catching a free concert while watching an annual tree lighting ceremony. All of this was taking place at the outlets. Apparently many other people had this idea too. The outlets were packed! We were so lucky to find parking on the first try.

We ended up buying lots of great items from the trip, but the highlight of the evening was feeling the energy from the crowd there to watch the concert. I will admit it now – I knew no one playing, but I did recognize songs that one singer/songwriter played. Malina on the other hand was in her element dancing around and telling us who people were. The band R5 were the main attraction, and we discovered that the lead singer was also was an actor from a television show called “Austin and Ally”. Malina recognized Ross Lynch (the singer) immediately and told us who he was. It was great fun going out with the kids enjoying time together. Let’s see what I come up with next….

world's largest tree


the stands

live music

live music 2

up close

palm tree with lights

(day 336)


4 thoughts on “Bonding with the kids

  1. Tiki, which outlets were these? I’ve been wanting to go to the Citadel- haven’t been since LMU days and they really aren’t too far from me. Looks like you guys had a great time!

    • Hi Steph, yes, it was the Citadel Outlets – we go a few times a year – next time we’re heading that way I’ll let you know. They have a little train for the kids and we usually eat dinner at Ruby’s before heading home.

    • Hi Valerie, thanks for hosting yet another ‘Friday Blog Party’ and for taking the time to look at my post! We had a great time at the outlets- both shopping and checking out the music. Thank you for the compliment as well,

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