I have almost reached my goal!

mb pier

Here it is November of 2013 and I have only one month left to post until my year of blogging without a break is finally up. I can’t believe it. The year has zoomed by. I keep busy on a regular basis which has made the time go by quickly. Being a parent as well with one school aged child and one preschooler I have noticed time passing even quicker than before this stage of my life.

One year ago I knew that we wanted to move and here we are 5 months later in a new town. I am loving living near the beach and seeing the ocean at least 5 out of 7 days each week!! I have loved swimming in the ocean once again too (clean water is such a bonus). Now the kids can both swim in a pool and it is fun watching them brave the ocean now too.

It has been fun writing about anything and everything that comes to my mind. I have gone into my past and explored the present this year on my blog too.

This year it has been fun reconnecting with some old friends and meeting new ones too. My husband still has not read one of my posts, but he has helped me write a few posts and looked at photos that I include on my blog from time to time. Both of my kids want to write a post.. I will see if I can make that happen this next month.

As my blogging year ends I will admit that I have found it harder and harder to post daily, but as each morning arrives I somehow find myself sitting down on the laptop before starting a new day. I really appreciate that someone (you all) has taken the time to read what I have written, and taken a moment to hit “the like button” from time to time, or write a comment, or send me a text message/email telling me that you like what I have posted about. I have 32 days left until my goal is here. I hope that this next month is a good one and I look forward to letting you all know about whatever comes to my mind in that time.

(day 333)


9 thoughts on “I have almost reached my goal!

    • That is a great question! I am really good at starting things and not finishing them.. I said to myself that with this blog I would do my best to keep going every day- regardless of what is going on. I also made sure to tell some friends that I blog because I thought they could hold me accountable if I did not want to write one day- this has definitely been the case, especailly in the earlier days of posting when I didn’t have much belief in my writing/posts.

      I am a big dreamer and hope that I can look back on this experience and reach out for some more of my goals and make them happen.

  1. I read your posts daily even though I don’t post a comment on each one ! I enjoy seeing all the pictures of the beautiful places you’ve visited and of the kids growing up! What amazes me is how you can come up with a new topic for each day! Great Job!!

    • Hi Mary- thanks for commenting today and for continuing to read my posts. I know it is so easy to just pass up the email.. I do it myself sometimes since there are so many emails coming into my accounts every day!

      Can I tell you something? I don’t know how I come up with a topic every day either! Some days I will sit at the computer looking at photos thinking, “What can I write about today?” Lately I have had a writer’s block on my travel posts.. so I have written about current travels with the family. I hope to do a few more posts on Switzerland and France in the next month – I miss both of these countries so much and writing about them I find that I am very happy. If you have any suggestions on what I can post about please let me know!

    • Hi Sherri- when you first commented on my posts – around day 100 – you helped me to continue blogging. I was only 3 months into the project and wondered what I was doing spending so much time on the computer! That seems like so long ago now……. so much has happened since then. I’m glad I can bring you back to fun times in LA when your kids were younger. Have a good weekend!

      • Wow, that’s great Tieshka, I”m so glad that I encouraged you. Doesn’t that seem so long ago now? We’ve both come a long way in our blogging since then 🙂
        It’s been really great and now I call you friend because that is what you are to me.
        What you are doing is an incredible achievement and I really take my hat off to you. I honestly don’t know how you do it!
        You have a great weekend too 🙂

    • Hi Winnie- you are so sweet to say that. I am glad that you have enjoyed by blog. I won’t be ending the blog in the next month- but I won’t be posting daily.. so all the random posts will be ending… for better or worse. Thanks for following along for so long!

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