Cooking Stories

Last night I was baking- not food- but an art project. Malina takes an art class after school and when she comes home we have to bake her projects. I stuck it in the oven and forgot about it. Luckily I went back in the kitchen and smelled it. This time I stayed nearby to get it out on time.

The other week I was cooking crescent rolls in the morning. The shapes were nothing special (not in the crescent shape), but they came out pretty good if I do say so myself. It was the perfect breakfast. An hour or so later I went in the kitchen. It was pretty hot- oops– I forgot to turn off the oven- thank goodness that I did not cause a fire by not remembering to turn it off!

Pasta was my dish of choice for the kids the other night. It was made with a spaghetti noodle- one of our favorites (the kids and I). Matteo did not eat his dinner, just because. There was a bunch of spaghetti left so Max tried it. He hasn’t eaten my pasta in years- at least 10 years. I knew it was overcooked- not “al dente”. I was right, but apparently I had only overcooked it a little bit (2 minutes I was told). Luckily, the kids love my pasta- overcooked or not.

I made my new favorite dish of tacos again for dinner the other week- they came out perfect and Max even ate them, with regular meat instead of the seasoned version. I love to succeed in the kitchen sometimes. I will admit that I am frustrated that I can’t cook well. It would be nice to be able to whip up a meal for the whole family once in a while, but it just is not going to happen. So, instead I will pop open a beer and play with the kids while Max does the cooking- he makes excellent meals!

(day 330)


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