Exploring Laguna Beach

the beach (laguna)

For Max’s birthday we visited Laguna Beach in Orange County. It was his choice. Before we left I researched on the computer things we could do once we made our way there. I had only visited Laguna Beach one time- many, many years ago with a friend who knew her way around the area. I came across a top 10 list and picked out a few items for us to attempt. Max was also told about a Mexican restaurant that has great views and I added that to the list.

After a quick drive down we made our way to Main Beach. We lucked out with a perfect spot and started to wander the town. There were lots and lots of art shops and places to eat. I don’t know why we tried to look in a gallery with small children – but we did – and yes, it was a mistake. We had not been in there one minute when Matteo put his finger on a painting in front of us. The lady shrieked and covered her mouth and told him to stop. We had him stop and quickly exited the gallery.

The highlight of the day was climbing up and down the rocks and cliffs where the tide pools were at Heisler Park. I had my purse, my phone and my camera with me so it was somewhat challenging to balance them and juggle one kid to make sure that they did not fall. Max did a great job helping the kids (and sometimes me) around the rocks. We all had fun locating crabs and sea anemones in the tide pools. The kids were super excited about seeing the sea creatures in their natural habitats. Eating lunch, with a beautiful ocean view, was also nice. Next time there are a few more beaches that I would like to see (in particular one named Thousand Steps Beach) and I would like to visit the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. For now I would like to share a few photos from our day trip down to Laguna Beach in Orange County California.

lifeguard tower- laguna

storefront- main beach

art on the streets

art on the streets 2

Heisler Park

las brisas restaurant

Heisler Park "rockpile"

(day 329)


6 thoughts on “Exploring Laguna Beach

    • Thank you – it was great fun. Maybe you should move out West next- didn’t you say you had family in Southern California? I would love to move to Hawaii or Italy/France… after those places California is my next pick… luckily I am already here!

      • Yes I have a Daughter and my only two granddaughters that live around San Diego but even on my two retirement checks I couldn’t begin to be able to afford to live in that state. Plus they would tax me much more than the state I live in. Its just a daydream for me to live out there.

      • Oh yes, I forgot about the ‘too high’ cost of living here. I have been living in California for more than half of my life now and forget we pay more for everything here! It just seems normal now. Well, at least you have vacations and daydreams.. sometimes I live on my daydreams.

  1. Each time i come in California i Go there !!! Laguna beach is sooo great laguna hotel is great kinda old i have been told that hotel was the first built in laguna beach … Casa del camino is the mexican restaurant you were talking about : breathtaking view and amazing cocktails… I agree with you there is so much to do there especially bodysurfing but i’m scared about the big waves !!! Especially if i have to bring my child;-)

    • Glad I can bring back good memories of Laguna Beach to you! I think that there are two Mexican restaurants with a view- we were at Las Brisas – will have to try the one you mentioned next time! I hope you can visit the OC on your trip to Los Angeles as well.

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