An Italian Tradition

table setting

Yesterday morning I woke up to the kitchen table set with a bottle of wine, an apple, silverware and a napkin. Next to the table setting there was a note that said: Just fix it in the morning… it is a tradition that I forgot!!! Love.

Hmmm… it was particularly strange to see this set up. I have been with Max for almost 12 years now and had no clue what he was doing. I knew it had to be something that they do in Italy, but how come this was the first time I was seeing this? My first guess was that it had to do something with birthdays since his birthday is coming up…

Later in the morning we met up at the beach and I had to ask what was going on. He told me that in the Italian culture they honor Il Giorno dei Morti (The Day of the Dead – the eve of November 2nd) by leaving a drink and something to eat for loved ones if they chose to stop by and check in with the family. They also go to the cemeteries and visit their relatives who have passed.

I thought it was a nice tradition and asked why he had not done it before. He said he had forgotten and only remembered the night before talking with some Italian friends. Then he recalled stories of when his nonna (grandmother) did the same thing back home in Italy. I am a big believer in family traditions and look forward to celebrating this tradition with Max next year, and in the future with the kids too.

(day 328)


4 thoughts on “An Italian Tradition

    • Hi Steph- I think it is a great way to remember our loved ones. Since I was at a Catholic high school and college I receive those cards in the mail to remember our loved ones at masses, but this seems like a more personal way to remember them.

  1. That’s great that Max remembered! I also am going to try and have our family celebrate Dia de los muertos every year. Natalie learned about it this year and it was nice to remember tradition.

    • Hi Ixel- that’s great that you will bring Dia de les muertos to your family too now.. I believe family traditions are super important- the kids really remember them. That’s great that they are teaching about this in school as well.

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