Family Hike: Del Cerro Park (Rancho Palos Verdes)

del cerro park

I had planned on doing a hike in the Palos Verdes area yesterday with the kids since we had the afternoon free. We were on the verge of finally doing a hike down to the ocean and exploring tide pools when a friend told me she had availability to go hiking with us – along with her two sons that are similar in age to my kids. She suggested we go to Del Cerro Park to hike in Rancho Palos Verdes. I did an internet search on the park and it looked pretty calm and simple – and knowing I would not have to find the trail head I quickly agreed to the new location.

WOW! This spot is spectacular. The views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island are great. I could spend a whole day here wandering around. Our hike was around 2 hours – and extended into the evening. Yes, we even saw the sun set!! I was a little nervous about possibly seeing rattlesnakes (a warning from internet reviews), but the only wildlife I saw on this trail were bunnies, three of them to be exact. At one point one of the kids said they were going on a jungle gym. I was absolutely shocked that a jungle gym could be out here in the middle of nowhere – until I saw that the jungle gym was a tree! We had so much fun with my girlfriend and her kids on this hike, and their French bulldog. Group hikes are definitely fun and I look forward to checking out another trail in Palos Verdes with them.

The trail that starts at Del Cerro Park was such a winner that we will bring Max here too. For anyone local interested in checking it out all you have to do is take Crenshaw Boulevard to the end and walk just south of the park to the dead end street which will take you to Portuguese Bend Nature Reserve. I am so bad with directions, but even I can find my way back here without any issues. I will say that I could see myself becoming a little confused on all the paths that you can take here though – although I believe they are basically a loop. I definitely give a “thumbs up” to Del Cerro Park and trails. These trails are by far the best views of the Pacific Ocean that I have seen yet on our family hikes over the last year.

del cerro - ocean view

break time

hiking on

matteo/malina/and stich


the hike continues

the jungle gym

the bike rider




catalina island

sunset- del cerro hike

(day 327)


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