Another holiday is over


Halloween was a blast. First we went to Malina’s school for trick-or-treating. That was fun.

icee time

Then we did a quick trip to Target for some last minute Halloween things. As if we had not already had enough junk the kids had ICEEs too.

czech beer

The highlight of the day for me was heading over to my friends place to celebrate Halloween. We have been going there the last 5 years or so. My girlfriend is Czech and loves to cook. I had a few Czech beers…

And delicious food – plus her Halloween treats were amazing – both in looks and taste!

the decorated house

We finished the night trick-or-treating. It was fun, fun, fun. Both of the kids even went into the super decorated house – I had not been there in a good 3 years (since the kids thought it was too scary)!!! The house is decorated everywhere- including the back yard and the bathroom. The owners said it takes 3 months to decorate it.

sleeping children

Eventually we did go home and the kids were exhausted. They both fell asleep in the car. I had to wake them up to go to bed. After putting them to sleep I watched a little television, worked on my post for today, and headed to bed too. It was another successful Halloween for our family. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

(day 326)


4 thoughts on “Another holiday is over

  1. Oh thank you Tieshka for taking me through an American Halloween! Reminded me so much of when I would take my kids trick or treating and hang out with my friend just like you did! Love the food, the decorations and oh how I love and miss Target – my kids used to love the Icees there! What a great time you all had and I hope you had as good a sleep as your kids did…so cute!!!

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