School pictures

One evening last week Malina pulled out an envelope from her backpack. It was her school pictures. My first thought was fear. Last year school pictures were a nightmare. I immediately became very nervous about looking at the pictures. Before flipping over the package the flashbacks began.

Last fall we spent over one month trying to get a decent pose for her 1st grade photo. At her old school they had used a new photographer and they were horrible! On her first picture her headband was on her head like a tennis player and she looked really bad. How could someone take a photo like that? We returned the photos and signed up for retakes. The retakes came out really bad! The studio lighting was so bright that she had tears in her eyes on her photo. Oh my goodness.

I could have given up, but that is not my style. Instead of requesting a refund I opted to go in person to the photo studio to have her photos taken for the third time. The drive was almost an hour in rush hour traffic, but we made it, and I picked her final shot. That photo did not make it to the yearbook (it was the second shot in the book) but on the third try her school photo turned out great. It sure helped that I picked it out myself.

So ā€“ here I was about to look at 2nd grade photos. I held my breath as I flipped over the envelope to reveal ā€¦ā€¦ gorgeous photos! Yes, we would not have to go through multiple retakes again this year. I looked at the photo even closer and saw that it was done by a local professional studio that obviously took great pride in their work. I was so impressed with their work that I consider taking Matteo there for his 5 year old shots in January instead of the Sears Portrait Studio where I have gone for other photo sessions for more than the last 7 years!

I wonder what the next thirteen years of school photos will reveal! (oh my goodness- do I really have 13 years until my kids are both off to college?).

(day 325)


5 thoughts on “School pictures

    • Hi Sherri- as you know I love photos! We have gone for professional shots as well for the kids since they were 3 months old! I have quite the collection now. 13 years seems like forever now, but I’ll do my best to pace myself as they grow older & older & older. Halloween was a blast- see my post today. šŸ™‚

      • Yes, and you will have so many more to come! I have so many and am still trying to get them sorted and my eldest son is 31!!!!! Will go over to your Halloween post now šŸ™‚

      • I presort all photos and items! When I was a teenager my mom had me organize everything for my brothers and I. It was a fun project- I’m going to do the same with my kids. Good luck organizing- it is a rather large task!

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