They Might Be Giants

the stage

I had the pleasure of checking out two very cool musicians from Brooklyn, New York yesterday afternoon with Max and the kids on the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus. The two musicians, who by chance have the same first name of John, have a band named They Might Be Giants (TMBG).

I listened to their music quite frequently in the early 1990’s, especially when I was in college. I started listening them again a few years back when I discovered that they make children’s music! I am always looking for good music to listen to with my kids, and welcomed the chance to listen to a band that both the kids and I could enjoy.

A few weeks back I saw that They Might Be Giants would be playing a family concert at UCLA. I jumped at the opportunity to go since we had the afternoon free. My last concert with Max was Van Halen and this was the first time everyone in the family watched live music in a theatre together. The show was incredible. The venue was kid friendly and the music was great! I was surprised to hear their first song was one from my teenager days – ” Istanbul ( Not Constantinople)” and they later played another hit from the 1990’s that I knew quite well too – “Birdhouse in Your Soul”. As for the kids music that they played we knew many of those songs. At one point I was dancing in the aisle with the kids, and at another point Malilna and I were sitting in another aisle in front of the stage.

I forgot the battery for my camera at home – so all I had available was my cell phone for photos, but I took shots anyways. They Might Be Giants threw out all the rules from the beginning of the show encouraging you to dance in the aisles, sit wherever there was a spot, and crowd the stage. These guys put on a great family show. When the concert ended they gave away TMBG stickers and stayed on stage handing them out until everyone had a handful of stickers. It was truly enjoyable being able to go up to the stage after the show and tell John how much that my family enjoyed the show. I look forward to them returning to Los Angeles next year so we can go see them again – yes, yet another family tradition!

touching the guitar


sticker handout

Some of my favorite moments of the concert: Photo 1: John letting the kids play his guitar, Photo 2: the confetti going everywhere, Photo 3: sticker handout at the end of the show.

(day 321)

time to go home

The kids heading back to the car after a great concert!


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