The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again

missing teeth

It is so much fun when your kids are young. Over the past few weeks I have been the witness to Malina losing two teeth. I had fun watching her wiggle them wondering when they might fall out. Flossing became challenging and I often forgot that there was a loose tooth. She lost both teeth at school and was the hero of the 2nd grade each time one fell out.

With the first tooth I had little difficulty remembering to pick up the tooth and leave money. That was not the case with the second tooth. It was the morning after she lost the tooth and I was sitting at the computer working on my blog. I saw a photo of her with both teeth out and realized that I had not done the switcheroo the night before. I quickly jumped up and quietly headed to her room. I slipped $5 under her pillow and walked out.

She was up 30 minutes later jumping around because the tooth fairy had left her $5. In her other hand she held her tooth in the baggie. She casually mentioned that the tooth fairy had forgotten to take her tooth. Crap, I forgot that part! I quickly came up with an answer replying, “That was so nice of the tooth fairy to finally leave a tooth for mommy. She always takes them with her.” End of story- the explanation worked. Next time I will remember to search for the tooth too!

(day 320)


5 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again

  1. Ha Ha! Tieshka, I did exactly the same with my children, forgetting to remove the teeth. I would just say that the tooth fairy must have been very tired but she would come back the next day to get them so I would have to be sure to remember to do it the next night or else! I like your explanation much better, well done 🙂

    • Hi Sherri- I’m glad that I am not the only one forgetting things! I guess it could be worse- forgetting to leave the money. I think my daughter isn’t going to be believing in the Tooth Fairy much longer so I better do a better job. Hope you had a good weekend!

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