Now this is Halloween Decorating: Balboa Island

the cat

Celebrating Halloween in Newport Beach has to be fun. The city embraces the holiday and then some. Balboa Island in Newport Beach is amazing! Max and I visited here once while we were dating and I had photos in an album from the trip. From that trip I knew that many people decorate their homes, but returning with kids I saw that the decorations were incredible! We spent a few hours walking the island taking everything in. This is definitely a new family tradition for us to head to Orange County during the Halloween season. I had such a hard time limiting the photos of what we saw- here are my favorites! Enjoy.

scarecrow-weather vane

gray house

another amazing house

Extreme Decorating

extra large house-1

extra large house-2

extra large house-3

We met the owner of this house. She was great with the kids and quite nice. She told us that she puts up her decorations with help from just one friend and if she did hire a crew to help her it would take four – 8 hour shifts to put everything up! She also said that she would not finish decorating her yard by Halloween; yes, she has that much stuff! Interesting fact: her dinosaur (see first photo in this series) has a Facebook page named “Fred Raptor”.


two scarecrows

decorative bags

wood house

table decor


where's my head


Simple but excellent decorations


boat dock

Towards the Harbor

I have too many shots to share- but I believe you can sense what we saw and how into Halloween the people of Newport Beach are. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood- you won’t be disappointed!

(day 319)


6 thoughts on “Now this is Halloween Decorating: Balboa Island

    • Vlady- you’re most welcome. It is definitely worth the trip to Orange County to check out Balboa Island decorations. They are incredible and worth the one hour trip!

      • HI Tiki–I am seriously considering it as tomorrow’s destination. My little niece Emma has always asked me why we have come to America… When she saw a picture of one mosaic at the Getty Villa, she said: “Now I know why aunty Vlady has moved to America”–these pics will be another moment of revelation for her, since she is too much into the whole spirit of Halloween. Hope you’re having a great weekend! My best to you and your family!

      • Hi Vlady- I think that your niece would love Balboa Island- they decorate so nicely & it isn’t too scary (there are a few things that made Matteo a little uneasy…). Let me know if you end up going! And there are many, many reasons why people move to America- aren’t there? My kids haven’t gotten around asking their dad about that yet!

    • Hi Bob- Thanks! I was so captivated by Balboa Island that we will definitely return here each year during the Halloween season. I must have taken over 100 pictures.

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