A new member of the family


One afternoon of this past weekend we attended our local parish’s school fair. We all had lots of fun! There were games and food and music- and great weather. It is always nice to participate in some good old wholesome family fun…. which is something we do frequently!

Walking around the games section I saw something I wanted to have- a goldfish! I once had a 25¢ goldfish named Guppie. He was quite the fish; he lived 12 years. Having a fish for so long we developed a strong bond. He was a great listener and witnessed many events of my life having moved around Los Angeles and the Bay Area to the 7 different places that he lived during his lifetime. During his life I had even moved abroad, returned to the states, and I know he was awaiting my return to him since he was still alive being taken care of by friends at the time.

Guppie has been gone 6 years now and seeing the goldfish booth at the fair I knew it was time to have a new fish in our family. Reading the sign I discovered that there were two options for “winning” a fish- either play the game or buy one with tickets. Buying a fish you would be given a little container, fish food and chemicals to clean the water. I opted for the second option without letting the kids know. Matteo “won” the fish – with help from the lady in the booth – and we were delivered a fish. The newest member of our family is Sparky. I look forward to many years (2 would suffice) with Sparky in the house watching the kids grow and witnessing the events of our lives.

**I was so happy to have Sparky in our lives that I wrote the first part of my post right away without a chance to publish until now. There have been some changes since that day discussed below. **

Since part 1 of this post we have had an unfortunate mishap – Sparky is now “in the sky” as we like to say. I was in the process of cleaning his container when the mishap occurred. His last 12 hours were in Guppy’s old fish bowl. I received a call at work from Max passing along the bad news. I told him to go out and buy a new fish for the kids so they would not know what happened. He thought it would be nice to go out all together for a new fish so he didn’t do the switcheroo trick.

I told Matteo on the drive home that Sparky was “in the sky”. He was a little mad. I asked him if he had said goodbye to Sparky when we left in the morning and his comment was, “I forgot”. His sister Malina did not take the news well at all. Lots of crying and sadness – my goodness, Sparky was only with us for 4 days and she was already so attached. She asked me to move the container and remove all memories of him.

I have decided that we will give buying another fish a try after the Christmas holidays. This time I will be prepared with a tank and the proper equipment. I was absolutely shocked to lose Sparky after only 4 days – I have never had a goldfish for that short of a time. So for now I suppose we will remain a healthy strong family of 4!

(day 318)


3 thoughts on “A new member of the family

  1. Poor Sparky! Amazing that Guppie lived so long though. They can live quite a while but in my experience, goldfish from fairs never do well. Perhaps it is the shock of being moved around so much in a sort space of time (before they get to their new owners),who knows.
    Sad for your children but It will be good to have something to look forward to after Christmas and hopefully this time you can find a good, healthy goldfish who will be with your family for at least the next 2 years 🙂
    PS I am quickly catching up Tieshka so will wish you a very happy weekend now in case I don’t get another chance 🙂

    • Hi Sherri- Guppie was an amazing fish.. I didn’t mention this story in my post- but once he almost died traveling from the Bay Area back to Los Angeles. My friend saved his life – first jumping into the moving van looking for his tank, then filling it with water and chemicals – and then she helped him swim back and forth by holding him by his back end… His system was cleaned up and he lived another 8 years after! My daughter still talks about Sparky and doesn’t remember Guppie from her early years. Have a great weekend too!

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