The night of the full moon

I was happy when this past weekend had arrived – the work week had finally ended. All I wanted to do was go home; which is easier said than done. 1.5 hours later I had both children and we arrived home. Traffic in Los Angeles is brutal. Besides the traffic we ran into a road closure when a homecoming parade was going on. What can I say other than when you are unlucky you are definitely unlucky.

My plan for the evening was to do laundry, a little house cleaning, and hang out with the kids. In actuality when we arrived home all I wanted was to drink a beer and to relax. That’s when I saw that Max had bought me a six-pack of pumpkin beer!! How wonderful. I had been dreaming of pumpkin beer, but had not picked any up yet. No need to now.

pizza time

Instead of eating dinner which was ready for us we went out to a pizza fundraiser that was being held by Malina’s school. On the drive over we saw the moon. It was amazingly large, low and full. The kids’ asked lots of questions because it was one of those moons that you do not see often.

At the fundraiser I actually knew a few people which came as a complete surprise since I only know a limited number of people at Malina’s new school. I was talking with someone when all the sudden a friend from college, who I had not seen at least 15 years, approached me. I knew she lived in a neighboring town- but I did not know that her kids go to Malina’s new school; it is a small world indeed.

time for some football

After the fundraiser we headed home. As we made our way home I suddenly saw bright lights and a football field. We started out driving down the hill just to check it out. I had wanted to take the kids to a high school football game for a while now. Before I knew it we were in the stadium and the kids were front row so they could see what was going on. I sat down at the bench close behind them. They made new friends, adults nonetheless. At one point the couple came up to me and said that my kids were absolutely amazing and they joked that they wanted to adopt them. I had to smile. I have two of the most social children around- something to be said about being out of the house and around adults from age 1. We eventually left the game at the end of the 3rd quarter as the home team was ahead and it was getting late.

Driving home I looked up in the sky and saw the full moon once again, this time it was high up in the sky, still giving light to the town below. Our fun family night out had finally ended under that beautiful full moon.

(day 315)


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