Photos from a differnt point of view

lina & teo

I have always loved taking photos- from the early days of using a Kodak “110 cartridge film” camera to my ultra-convenient iPhone I always stop to take a photo. Blogging I have finally picked up my Sony Cyber-shot digital camera and try to use it more frequently because I see that the images are sharper with a real camera.

One thing that I have noticed over the past few years is that I love to take photos of my kids from behind -following them, without their faces. I don’t know what the obsession is with this view- but I find it most intriguing. From behind I notice is that I can see the difference in their height easier. Malina who is almost 2.5 years older than her brother looks like a giant now- but I wonder when Matteo will be the giant. I’ve also observed that since I can’t see their faces I tend to focus more on their other features. Lastly they usually are holding hands- call it “sibling love”. Here a few photos of the kids as I followed them around the streets and beaches of Los Angeles.

lina & teo 2

lina & teo 3

lina & teo 4

lina & teo 5

(day 314)


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