The bike experts head to the beach

biking at the beach

Earlier this summer Malina and Matteo learned how to ride their bikes. It was quite the task as we had to devote blocks of time to teach them (one thing I seem to not have a lot of is blocks of time). I really did not know what I was doing at the time, but somehow with guidance we discovered that balancing was the key for them. The pedals were taken off of their bikes and they were speeding around after just a short while.

There were two lessons without the pedals before I somehow screwed them back on. Reflecting back I believe they had to be screwed in counterclockwise which is why Matteo’s pedals are jammed into place and actually could still fall out. Anyways, on the big day when they figured out how to ride their bikes without training wheels I was sooo proud. I was jumping up and down – running around, and felt all so accomplished that I had taught them the important skill of bike riding.

We went bike riding one time after that first successful day on the bikes. Somehow Malina fell into a bush as she was going around a turn. Max and I were somewhat far away when the accident happened and when she started screaming we ran to help her. She did not want to ride her bike after that- but I made her- after all you can’t quit while you’re down.

Fast forward to this past weekend and I was bold enough to take the kids to the beach to try riding their bikes. I thought since it was early in the morning there shouldn’t be a lot of people there. Well, there were many bikers out, but it could have been much worse. The weather was beautiful and it was pretty warm out considering it is the middle of October.

Malina, who had struggled on our last bike ride finally excelled– so much so that she was leading the pack. Matteo, on the other hand, was challenged by the bike path. Although the kids can ride without training wheels we now face another challenge- steering their bikes. My poor son kept landing his tires in the sand – over and over and over. He was frustrated, but I urged him on until we reached our destination.

We took a break by some rocks, ate a snack, and watched a ton of surfers out of the waves before making our way back towards the car. It was an amazing experience finally being able to bike ride with my kids at the beach. We sure have come a long way from that first lesson of riding with one training wheel. Although Matteo still needs to learn how to steer his bike I can tell that by winter time we will all be able to go to the beach together for longer bike rides enjoying our surroundings and each other.

break time

(day 312)


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