My husband is so romantic…..NOT

The other night I was charging my cell phone because the battery was low. When I went to pick it up there was a text message from Max. Sometimes he sends me text messages or emails with photos when we are both home just because so it was no surprise to receive one. The message was written in Italian asking me if wanted to go out for a coffee or lunch this week. I thought it was very sweet of him to text the invitation to me as I had just said earlier in the day that he hadn’t taken me out to lunch on a work day recently.

I started speaking to him in Italian and he looked at me a little crazy. I pulled out my phone and showed the message to him. He smiled at me and said, “That’s where my message went.” Apparently he sent the message to me in error and was actually inviting one of his Italian friends out! Go figure – the romantic gesture towards me was not romantic at all and not for me. I gave him a hard time about it and in the end he did invite me out for lunch, but I declined since the invitation was sent to me by accident in the first place. I should have known!! Now I am waiting for the real invitation to go out to lunch one day without the kids – I will be sure to mention when it does happen.

(day 309)


7 thoughts on “My husband is so romantic…..NOT

  1. Tiki,
    it would of been great if you had arranged to meet him…him thinking he was going to be meeting up with a “Italian friend” and you showed up!! (lol) …Shame on Max

    • Ruth, I seriously thought that he was inviting me out since I had been talking about it earlier in the day. Yes, this is a good idea if it happens again- but I don’t think it will.

  2. Even when you tell them straight out they still don’t get it! I’m happy to go out on a date w/ you Tiki, Oscar doesn’t invite me out either 😦 We should find a place that offers beer flights, I’ve been wanting to go.

    • Hi Ixel- I do enjoy girl’s night out too. I think there is a place in town that has beer flights! Let’s set up a date.

      Max and I do have a date night planned now for next week! Very mellow and local – should be fun!

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