My Little People Visit “Adventure City”

the arcade

Southern California has quite a few amusement parks for kids. I have posted on both Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm– which are two of the top destinations for families with younger kids. Yesterday I finally made it to a third amusement park located in Orange County “Adventure City”. Now that I think about it the only amusement park that I have not posted on is “California Adventure” which is next door and part of the Disneyland family (but requires a separate admission price).

party line

Yesterday we arrived to Adventure City in approximately 40 minutes and I discovered that it is located only a few minutes away from Knott’s Berry Farm where we once held season passes. This park is an amusement park for young kids only (I would say up to 11-12 years of age) and we were lucky enough to finally have a reason to visit here after being invited to a birthday party here. The park is small, but we actually did not ride all the rides! The kids so loved the ones that they went on so much that they would repeat them over and over and over.

Here are five things that I loved about Adventure City

1. Free parking. I have never been to an amusement park that offers free parking.

2. The park is not overcrowded so your kids can have limited freedom. I let my kids play in the arcade a good 5 minutes with their friend before I checked in on them.

3. There are short wait times for rides. This is a major bonus as we are usually waiting at least 10 minutes to go on a ride. Our longest wait was 15 minutes for only one ride. Yeah!

4. All rides are kids friendly. Matteo is afraid of many amusement park rides and he loved the roller coaster and the ‘drop zone’ ride.

5. Admission price: $14.95/person – either kids or adults. In Los Angeles as adult you can’t even go see a movie at night for less than $14.95.

Spending time at Adventure City is a win, win situation. I look forward to returning with Max and the kids soon. Driving home I felt like this hidden gem should stay hidden so that it is never overcrowded and overpriced like the Disney amusement parks located in Orange County. (I will say that I think Knott’s Berry Farm is reasonably priced). My little people, and I, thoroughly enjoyed our Saturday afternoon with friends having adventures and building friendships at Adventure City.

Here are some of the rides and attractions of Adventure City! You can see that we had a great time here.

balloon ride

ferris wheel

roller coaster

"drop zone"

the show

petting zoo

the kings and queen of the park

(day 307)


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