Sometimes we make the wrong choices

It is the weekend finally. It has been a long week- but truthfully every week is super busy so that is the norm. I feel rewarded when the work day ends and I have family time. On the weekend I really like to “relax” and have fun.

I have been thinking about something a lot lately that has been bugging me and yesterday we took the first major step to making a change to that. We do not like Malina’s new school. Her school is 75% different than the school that we came from before the move.

Yesterday Max dropped off an application for her to attend a different school. Yeah!! We met with the principal last week and took a tour. We were very pleased with what we saw. They do not have a spot for her now at the new school, but I have my fingers crossed that somehow, somewhere an opening will happen sooner than later. Cross your fingers for me. Meanwhile we are making the best of our current situation. I don’t want to go into details about the challenges that we are facing at the new school, or point the finger at anyone, but it just is not the right fit for our family. It just sucks not having made the right choice to start!

(day 306)


3 thoughts on “Sometimes we make the wrong choices

  1. Ah tieshka, this is a hard thing isn’t it when we know that our children will be better off in a different environment? I do hope that things work out and that an opening comes up fast for your daughter and that meanwhile, you can make the most of your situation now despite the challenges you are facing.

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