Car Trouble- “Mrs. MacGyver” saves the day

car trouble

Earlier this week my husband informed me that my headlight was out. He had noticed it a few days earlier but the topic only came up then. I was glad that I had not received a “Fix-It” ticket from the police about this issue and decided to fix it immediately!

There is only one problem with this; I am not handy at all when it comes to cars. Cooking and handiwork are two things that I prefer not to do because I do not know how to (or care to learn). I made my way to the local auto parts store to buy the bulb. In the parking lot I looked up the year of my car and then made my way to the parts counter. I was given a little tiny bulb to go into the car. I had to ask why it was so tiny since I thought it was a big bulb that needed to be replaced. I was skeptical, but purchased the tiny bulb.

About a year ago I had another light go out in the car and a co-worker came to the rescue. I am so lucky to have handy friends! I contacted my friend once again for this issue and we scheduled to meet the next day to fix it. Mrs. MacGyver arrived to assess the problem. She notified me that the last time it was another light that had gone out from the back of the car and this would be different, but she would figure it out.

I grabbed a few screwdrivers that I had taken from home and the light bulb. I flipped through the car manual and read what needed to be done. It was like a foreign language to me, perhaps Russian? My friend and her co-worker were the best! I could not even lift the hood because there is a latch on there to keep it down.

It must have been 5 minutes total and the light was in place. They also notified me that my high beam light was out too. We continued on to the auto part store for another bulb (it took me two tries to purchase the right bulb) and they installed the second one in two minutes. I was nothing but amazed at their accomplishment. Had I successfully changed the part I am sure that it would have taken at least 30 minutes or longer since I usually have my kids interrupting every move I make.

All I can say is that I am so grateful to have “handy friends” willing to help me out with my car and all the other random requests I have from time to time. Thanks Ruth for keeping me away from a “Fix-It” ticket and for keeping my family safe on the roads of Los Angeles.

By the way– for those of you not familiar with “MacGvyer” it was a popular television show that ran from 1985-1992 in the United States. The main character Angus MacGvyer was a secret agent who was extremely handy in all situations.

(day 305)


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