The Ultimate Pumpkin Patch Visit

Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch

It is October now and that means Halloween. No Halloween season is complete without a visit to a pumpkin patch. In Los Angeles there are pumpkin patches in parking lots; we do not have a lot of free space in the city. That means if you want to truly experience a pumpkin patch you need to drive out of town – which we did this past Sunday.

We have been going to a pumpkin patch north of the city for the last few years and I wanted to try something different. A friend had recommended Irvine Park Train Station Pumpkin Patch and I decided to give it a try with my family.

Arriving on the grounds I was a little skeptical – it was much smaller than the authentic farm I was used to, but after just a little while I found out that this place is awesome!!! One of my girlfriends met up with us at the pumpkin patch and that made the afternoon even more fun.

It was lunch time when we arrived so we eat a truly unhealthy lunch– hotdogs for Max and I, chicken nuggets for Matteo and a grilled cheese for Malina. Snacks of Fritos chips and Lays Potato Chips. It was a steaming hot afternoon, around 90° F, so we had to drink a lot of water. We also drank ICEE drinks to cool off. I think we went through 6 bottles of cold water.

Enough about the settings here are too many photos to show you how much fun we had.

hay ride

family picture

We really enjoyed the hay ride; it was relaxing to go around Irvine Park sitting on a bale of hay. Max even engaged in a game of pattycake with Malina.

the haunted house


The haunted house was a hit with the three older children. Matteo was too afraid to go in so we sat on a rocking chair on the porch while the girls continued to go in the haunted house as many times as we would allow!

tractor racing

Tractor racing was another fun event. I had seen this ride on the website and thought Matteo would love it. My kids have never ‘driven’ a vehicle so I was definitely curious to see how they would do. Both are excellent drivers…. So perhaps I won’t worry so much when they are 16 and can drive on the freeways of the city.

the final result. cookie decorating

Cookie decorating was a big hit as well. The kids decorated their cookies with icing, sprinkles and all types of sugar. They had a great time eating them after making their beautiful creations. Look at all the sugar!!!

The seemingly small pumpkin patch was actually quite large. We were there for a good 4 hours and only saw half of the pumpkin patch in the end! It was a long day in the sun with our friends and by the time we left everyone was exhausted – but it had truly been the ultimate pumpkin patch visit.

(day 304)


5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Pumpkin Patch Visit

    • Pumpkin patches are a great family trip Sherri – at least you have your memories and photos from when your kids were younger. My kids have many more years of pumpkin patch enjoyment ahead. Believe it or not I have alreaday planned where we will go next year- a farm in San Diego Country.

  1. We had such an amazing time with you guys!! This was the second pumpkin patch we visited with you in the past 2 years, the kids always have so much fun together!! Their highlight was first the cookie decorating (and eating it) then the haunted house! It’s hard to believe we we’re there for 4 hours and didn’t even got to the hay maze !! I cannot wait until next year so we could go back to a pumpkin patch together!!!

    • Mary, thanks visiting and commenting on this post. I love that our kids have so much fun together!! It was a most excellent trip to the pumpkin patch and I look forward to visiting ‘The North Pole’ soon. 🙂

      A friend forwarded me information on a pumpkin patch in San Diego County– that is where I want to go next year. Let’s do it!

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