My Favorite Open Market- “Rue Mouffetard” (Paris)

Rue Mouffetard

I stumbled upon the Rue Moffetard’s Open Market by accident. Visiting Paris for the first time I stayed in the 5th arrondissement (administrative district). I would spend hours walking around taking in the sights making my way to the Seine and the Latin Quarter. One day I ran into an outdoor marker on Rue Mouffetard (Mouffetard Street). The narrow street is closed off to cars during the hours of the market so you can walk freely from the outdoor stalls and indoor stores that line the street.

Outdoor markets are the best! I love all the colors, the scents, and interacting with the people. I also like when the food is already prepared! I am a big fan of the rotisserie chicken and potatoes prepared here. Not knowing how to cook well (and usually not having access to a kitchen) fruit is also a great option. The flowers are wonderful too… there are so many beautiful varieties. Visiting this street when the open market is not going on is fun too- many cute shops, restaurants, and a great crepiere.

Rue Mouffetard-flowers

Rue Mouffetard 2

Rue Mouffetard 3

(day 302)- All photos are by my dad, George, in this post. I was soo lucky to travel with my parents to Paris one time during my 20’s.


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Open Market- “Rue Mouffetard” (Paris)

    • In Southern California there are many farmer’s markets- I actually took my kids to one last night! It is still for me nothing like the markets in Europe. My husband and I have talked many times about how much we enjoy the European lifestyle, but it is America where we live so we enjoy all the good things we can here. Where are you from?

      • I am from Kansas and currently live there. I tend to move about once a year so who knows where I will be next year. I was in the Army for 22 years and was stationed in Germany twice, that’s why I enjoy sites that show pictures of and talk about Europe at least part of the time

      • I haven’t been to Kansas yet, but I have been to Germany a few times. Thanks for your service to our country & there is great beer in that country. I am always daydreaming about being on vacation in Europe or Hawaii. I hope to make to one or the other next summer.

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