Our First Family Trip to Paris

arc de triomphe

Back in the days of when I had just one kid Max and I took the trip across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. We spent a couple of weeks in Italy visiting family in the regions of Emilia Romagna and Toscana before heading to the Piedmont region of the country by train to visit more family. I was four months pregnant at the time and napping quiet frequently since I was always tired.

paris train

We took the train trip from Torino to Paris arriving at the Gare du Lyon in “the City of Light”. I love taking the train though Northern Italy and Switzerland leading into France. It is beyond beautiful. The mountains, the lakes, the countryside – seeing them always brings back great memories. Even little Malina was pretty calm on the train ride so we could all enjoy.

My camera died on that vacation so all I had was a cheap throw away camera, but I kept taking photos anyways; so do excuse the poor quality of photos in this post- but now you know why.

Here are a few memorable moments from our time in Paris.


We went to a café for breakfast and Max ordered a parboiled egg for 4 Euros. Let’s see that was about $6.50 US at the time. We had to laugh as Malina and I enjoyed fresh croissants and I enjoyed my favorite , hot tea, which I usually only drink on vacation when we are on slow mode. And then there was Max with his egg; we still joke about that egg sometimes so many years later!

That same day we had a little scare. We had a piece of paper with something written on it, I will assume our schedule for the day. I was looking for it at as we went underground to catch the métro and we noticed it was missing. Malina had somehow taken the paper and shoved it up her nose. I don’t know how Max figured it out- but he did. He bolted up the stairs to the subway to run back to the hotel and get his tweezers. Fifteen minutes later Malina’s nose was cleared out and we were off for a day of exploring my favorite city. Traveling with kids is definitely different- you have to be prepared for everything!

We managed to visit a few spots that I usually find time to see whenever I am in Paris: the Tour Eiffel, the Jardin du Luxembourg, the Sacre Coeur and the Jardin des Tuileries. I could not manage much more – too much walking!!

family dinner

Max’s dad, who we call JC for short, met us in Paris for the day. It was a big day. Max had not seen his father in a long time – that is another story. That day was also the first time that JC met his first grandchild Malina. After meeting at our hotel we took a taxi to the Champs-Élysees and walked from the end to the Arc de Triomphe. It was nice to meet Max’s dad in person and good for him to have time to catch up with his dad. We ended our time with him in the evening with a fancy dinner near Tour Montparnasse.

Visiting Paris is always a pleasure for me. I would say that trip we did quite a lot considering that we had minimal time and I was pregnant. Our family trips abroad are always fun and only become smoother each time as the kids grow and are easier to manage. We have returned to Paris one time after that trip and it was like always a good time for our family in “the City of Lights”.

sacre coeur

champs elysees

(day 300)


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