Paris Park: The Bois de Vincennes

I have visited Paris more than once, and have made it a point to visit many tourist spots. I will admit some of my best moments in Paris have been spent with the locals away from all the tourists- but from time to time I like to be a tourist as well. My last two trips to Paris have been for a week total with my family. Traveling with Max and the kids I have changed my priorities on where to go/ what to do and I rarely go back to spots that I frequented in my 20’s. With that being said today I am flashing back to my first visit to the Bois de Vincennes which is located on the eastern side of the city in the 12th arrondissement (administrative district).

The first time you see such a beautiful place you can do nothing but step back and really enjoy it. I found this park quite enchanting. I spent quite some time wondering around taking photos of everything I saw. By chance I met a new friend there as I was about to leave the park and we ended up dating for 3 or 4 months after that day since I was living in Europe at the time.

A few facts on the park:

It is the largest public park in Paris

You will find 4 lakes on the grounds

There is a horse racing track and velodrome (bike track) in the park

The Chateau de Vincennes was once was the residence of former kings of France.

If you find yourself on this side of town the Bois de Vincennes is definitely worth the visit. I know that I will probably not make it back here on my next family trip through Paris, but I will always have great memories of spending summer days here.

a lake


Bois de Vincennes

carnival time

carnival time 2

Photos of the park include someone playing guitar and a carnival that was going on the day I explored the grounds.

(day 297)


2 thoughts on “Paris Park: The Bois de Vincennes

  1. Paris is beautiful. I finally got to go a few year’s ago with my hubbie. He used to work there so he knows it well. We went from London on the Eurostar train right under the English Channel direct to the Gare du Nord in Paris. It was amazing, especially considering that once upon a time I used to say that I wouldn’t be caught going in a tunnel underneath the Channel for a million bucks! Well, I did go and I didn’t get a million bucks but it was an amazing experience and well worth the long wait! It’s so great that you got to visit all these wonderful places when you had the chance Tieshka 🙂

    • Hi Sherri, if I lived where you are I would have to go to Paris at least twice a year! That Chunnel is something else- I’ve been on it a few times since they built it.

      I feel very blessed that I did so much traveling before I settled down and had kids. I am still a traveler at heart though so I am excited to get away- whenever- wherever. My big hope now is to visit Australia as my brother has settled out that way & I would love to catch a little “Aussie Open” one year… I will continue to dream…..

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