Watching the Sunset

Yesterday was a busy day…………

volleyball time

We were at the beach.

volleyball time 2

We were at the pool and ended up playing a little football and volleyball (again). We are slowly becoming a volleyball family- which is great – although I will continue to play tennis too.

restaurant time

We stopped at a restaurant for some pasta to go.


As we approached the beach on our way home I noticed that the sun was setting. It looked like it would be 5 minutes until it was down so I asked the kids if they wanted to stop to watch. They said yes – so we just pulled on the side of the road to watch it quickly disappear.


The kids decided to sit on the car.

view towards the mountains

one last sunset photo

We could not stay to watch all the beautiful colors that follow once the sun goes to sleep, but what we saw was beautiful. I looked at my watch and took a mental note of the time. I would love to return tonight for a repeat, this time with Max and the kids.

(day 293)


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