Halloween is coming!!


The other day the winds came and the temperatures started to drop. I looked at the calendar and saw that October is only a few days away. Matteo picked up a Halloween catalog that had costumes for the family and would not put it down. He looked at it on the way to school and back- constantly asking me to look at this costume or that one. I was amazed at the fact that he was soo obsessed with the costumes.

The kids are actually afraid of the costume stores in person. All of the spooky things at the front of the store scare them. Last year I had them both crying at the entrance and had to carry them one by one to the children’s section of the store. Amazing!! As we prepare to decorate the house for holiday later today I thought it would be fun to share photos of the first seven years of our Halloween costumes since I was lucky enough to become a mother. I too, like my kids, look forward to Halloween night, spending it with friends doing dinner and trick-or-treating in the same place since Malina was 2 years old.


Malina’s first Halloween at 2 months old (2006)

the kids and I.2009

Matteo’s first Halloween at 9 months old (2009)

the kids.2012

We had a blast last Halloween and are excited for this year too!! (2012)

(day 292)


3 thoughts on “Halloween is coming!!

  1. How cute! I feel a Halloween post coming on! My daughter used to be terrified to go to Wal Mart when she was little around Halloween time because they used to have a shrieking spider-thing at the entrance. I would have to go through this whole cover-your-eyes-and-ears-thing just to walk in with her, forgetting that it was there for weeks! So I can understand about your kids being scared! It didn’t last long with my daughter though, she soon outgrew it 🙂

    • Hi Sherri, looking forward to your Halloween post! It is such a fun season. My son said at one point that he doesn’t want to trick-or-treat this year because he is afraid of the costumes. He’ll do fine though.. it may be a few years yet until my kids are not scared of all the spooky things out there.

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