Life without a babysitter

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I can’t believe that I am addressing this topic for a second time in such a short period. Last night was Thursday evening and there was one thing missing at our place- a babysitter. Our latest sitter gave notice at the beginning of the school year that she would no longer be able to look after Malina and Matteo due to commitments at her internship. Great! I have been lucky enough to employ a babysitter to come and help out once a week ever since I have had two kids. I have noticed that things don’t get done around the house otherwise- and this is especially true since I started commuting to work.

Being so busy lately it took me a few weeks to find time to place an advertisement for a babysitter at the local college. Then it was time for the screening. I ended up liking 3 of the 4 candidates that we met. The 4th applicant could not figure out how to deal with the kids’ fighting with each other during the interview so it was an immediate clue that she would not work out.

To make a long story short the new sitter starts next week. After she becomes comfortable with our routine I will finally have some “me” time to do whatever I want; after all if I don’t make “me” time it will not happen. I will admit that my “me” time will not be spent doing super special things, but they will be things that I want to do and that’s all that matters. I am already thinking about starting to swim laps on a regular basis again and hanging out at the coffee shop with a tea and the laptop. Just one more week until we fall back into a familiar routine – I can’t wait.

(day 291)


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