Eating in an Italian Restaurant

I love to go out for a good meal. One day we went out in Santa Monica to eat Italian food- surprise, surprise! We do eat other kinds of foods, but it’s Italian at least 50% of the time. That’s a good thing since everyone in my family enjoys Italian food (and Max is of Italian decent too). Max does most of the food ordering when we go out, even when I pick my own entrée he orders it with the waiter. It is somewhat old fashioned, but nice.

antipasto misto

This particular photo is of an antipasto misto. It looked so good that I had to take a photo! By the way it tasted delicious too! You can see Max in the background about to drizzle it with olive oil- after all no meal is complete without a little olive oil to season it.

While we ate an antipasto misto accompanied by a few pizzas (Italian not American style) the kids had pasta with bolognese sauce and pizza. It was another yummy meal at Trastevere on the ever so popular 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

(day 288)


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