Cooking Dinner to Begin A New Week


I had a really good weekend. Saturday we were at the beach and I also went on a shopping spree. Sunday we went to a birthday party for my girlfriend’s daughter, ran errands, and then it was time for dinner. I have been going out for dinner more lately – just because there is no time to cook! Luckily Max leaves us dinner often too – but that was not the case this particular Sunday.

I saw some wonderful looking frozen tacos at Trader Joe’s Grocery the other day that we almost picked up, but I did not want to visit yet one more store before heading home. Instead I picked up the ingredients to do the cooking myself. Okay- for those of you who do not know cooking is not my favorite thing to do. I can make a few choice dishes that are great, but everything else is warmed up frozen food. I know how to make tacos- I just forgot how good I actually can make them!

While the kids worked on homework I started browning meat, making rice, and warming up refried beans. By the time the little chefs joined me I was placing the taco shells in the oven and they assisted with shredding white (Swiss) and yellow (cheddar) cheeses. Matteo has never eaten a taco- his ingredients included ground meat (not seasoned), white rice and white cheese. He loved it! Yes, my son is finally eating Mexican food – this was a day for the record books. Malina’s tacos were with seasoned meat and yellow cheese. She had a side of white rice and black refried beans – she ended up eating three tacos. I additionally included lettuce and taco sauce with my tacos along with the sides- I also had three along with a pear cider. The kids sported CapriSuns (fruit drinks).

When I asked Malina what she thought of my tacos compared to the tacos that we usually eat on Tuesdays at a local restaurant she said that my tacos were better because I don’t know how to cook and I put a lot of work into it. Matteo interrupted her and said “Mama knows how to cook pasta”. Bless his soul for saying I know how to cook- I do, I really do (sort-of)… I just don’t have the time to explore it all!! Besides luckily it is not necessary for me to cook in my house because I have Max, who loves to cook, and is really good at it!! But for this one Sunday I did do the cooking and a pretty damn good job at it if I do say so for myself.

my dinner

(day 287)


7 thoughts on “Cooking Dinner to Begin A New Week

  1. Mmmmm! Funnily enough, just took Aspie daughter shopping and she is having pretty much the same thing for dinner, no kidding! Yes, we can get Old El Paso here in the UK, yay 🙂

    • Ha,ha, ha.. yes- imported foods are always good!! 🙂 I did most of my European cooking in Paris when I lived there. Your comment just made me have a flashback to cooking Mexican for an old boyfriend back in Paris….. it was always so interesting for me to go to the grocery store and figure out substitutes for what wasn’t the same here in the US. Hope you and your daughter enjoy dinner as much as we did!

      • Yes, I had to do that too in the US with some of my English recipes! Thanks Tieshka, hungry already. Have a lovely rest of your day, its 5.30 pm here and would you believe, warm and sunny 🙂

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