Saturday at the Beach

Our weekends have changed recently. We now spend Saturday’s at the beach for volleyball practice when we can. While Malina plays volleyball Matteo and I hang out. Yesterday we walked down to the shore and I let him put his feet in the water after he rolled up his pants. He was having so much fun I started snapping photos of him with my phone.

As Malina’s lesson ended the girls went down to the shore- so did Matteo and I. The waves were rushing up quickly and the next thing I knew his shorts were wet. I decided whatever and let him enjoy the water. Malina wanted to get wet too – I let her. You never know when your kids will be so wet that they need a change of clothes so I keep extra clothes in my car. I also keep extra swimsuits and towels in my car. Since her lesson was over we all put on suits and enjoyed another hour at the beach with the sun which had finally come out for the day. That was the best part of my day- hanging out at the beach with my kids playing in the waves.

swimming 11

swimming together

relaxing after swimming

(day 286)


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