The Perks of having a AAA Membership

flat tire

I will admit that this a random post. I came up with the idea glancing at a photo of my old car and I, nicknamed The Speed Ranger, alongside Interstate 5 (which runs across the west coast from Washington to California). My friend Lisa and I were driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles in my Nissan Pulsar that had seen better days. Lisa was driving when all the sudden a flat tire hit us out of nowhere. She pulled to the side and I immediately called AAA (American Automobile Association). Help soon came from Bakersfield. It took awhile, but eventually we were back on the road with a doughnut tire. That was the last long distance trip that I took with that car. The Speed Ranger actually had an unexpected death when I had an accident later that year on my birthday.

Here are some other perks of having a AAA Membership

AAA unlocks your car when your keys are in the inside and you are on the outside – my friend Genifer once locked her keys in the car in Kula (Maui) on the Haleakala Crater up in the mountains. In less than an hour she was back in her car.

When your car does not start AAA will use jumper cables to start it – this happened to me numerous times when my old BMW that my parents gave me was near its end! The guy who came over a few times actually ended up buying my car when I sold it.

AAA has DMV service that you can use to register your car each year. That alone is a great reason to have AAA- the DMV is a place to avoid at all costs as the trip can last many hours.

AAA will tow your car to a mechanic if it stops working or never starts working. Yes, I used this service last year when my car randomly stopped as I was going to pick up the kids from school! That day it was a complete bummer since we were originally on our way to the amusement park. At least it happened near home instead of an hour away!

AAA has a full service travel agency – we have used their travel agency a few times to book flight, hotel and car packages including our wedding/honeymoon package to Maui – great deals.

I will never let my AAA Membership lapse!

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