The One Lovely Blog Award


Imagine my surprise last week when I was graced with the One Lovely Blog Award by no other than the lovely Sherri Matthews!! Sherri, thank you, thank you, merci, merci, grazie, grazie mille for this award! You are such a kind person and I have enjoyed getting to know you through your most lovely blog called A View From My Summer House. If you have not seen Sherri’s blog you should go check it out.

As a blogger it really means a lot to me to receive awards from the WordPress community. It means that someone has stopped to read and enjoy what I have been writing about. I have been posting a little over 9 months now and still wonder what exactly I am doing!! I have written a little bit about almost everything, shared photos from my travels, and have told everyone probably too many things about my family!

Approaching the 300 day mark of blogging without a day off in a few weeks I actually believe I am worthy of this One Lovely Blog Award, and it is great time to receive this award as I am slowly preparing to stop blogging each and every day. Somehow over the past 9 months I have managed to write a little something or post a photo regardless of all the challenges being thrown my way.

So Sherri- once again- thank you for this award! There are no rules for the award other than to display it on your blog which I am now doing proudly. Have a great week everyone!


(day 281)

8 thoughts on “The One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Congratulations!! I really enjoy reading your blogs even though I don’t post comments everyday! I’ve enjoyed hearing about your adventures with your family and seeing all your pictures 🙂 I hope you’ll continue to blog as much as you can! Best wishes!!

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