Kidspace Museum: Birthday Party and a little science


Last month we were invited to yet another birthday party for one of the kids. I like the parents and the child so off we went one Saturday morning to Pasadena for the party. The party was held in a children’s museum called Kidspace which is located next to the Rose Bowl in Pasedena. It was a very hot day so we welcomed the water play offered outside after the party. The party itself was quite nice- they had party helpers, games, animals on display, great food, and lots of fun with friends.

After the party we had free admission to the museum and explored it – both inside and out for a while before heading to the water play area. The kids were not so focused on the science of all the exhibits, but Malina did really enjoy learning about the fossils and going on a fossil hunt at one of the exhibits.

To recap our visit we spent two hours in the party and an hour checking out the museum’s attractions before heading back home to spend the afternoon with Max. It was a nice morning with friends and exploring the Kidspace Museum of Pasadena, California.

water play

under the gazebo

(day 280)


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