Family Hike- Linden H. Chandler Preserve (Palos Verdes Peninsula)

linden h. chandler preserve

It has been quite a while since I have had any time to even think of hiking. We moved about 3.5 months ago and life has been: unpacking, summer activities, dealing the ant invasion, adjusting to commuting to work/daycare/camp, and finding the best local beaches. Hiking had unfortunately been pushed much lower on my list of priorities. As this past Friday I approached I thought it would be nice to investigate the local trails in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

Searching on the internet I focused on Palos Verdes area part of town which could be compared to Beverly Hills, but it’s much nicer. It is a peninsula up in the hills of the South Bay of Los Angeles separated from everything. To be truthful Palos Verdes is actually like not being in Los Angeles at all. I found 3 hikes that interested me and although I preferred the hike by the ocean the thought of having to know how high the tide would be in order to cross the tide pools was too much of a challenge for me! I had no time to look at a beach report; and to be truthful, I did not even look up where we were going until we were already on the road.

Matteo with a horse

It took some time, but eventually we ended up on a dead end of a residential street in Rolling Hills Estates. I knew we were in the right place because there was a sign that said “Linden H. Chandler Preserve” right next to what looked like an open field. Yes, I found our trail head!!! I took my trail map out and off we went. I had never been on a hike quite like this. The trail started out bordering peoples’ back yards and within minutes there was a snake in our path. It startled me and scared Malina. I had to go back and take a photo!

We saw all types of animals and reptiles on our hike including beautiful horses, chickens, peacocks, goats, lizards, cats and dogs. I was not expecting all of that. I will say I already knew that I was not good with maps and trails not clearly marked. After easily making it to the first stop on the trail I accidently left the path. We were walking on a private street lined with stables and when we ran into the main road I thought there must be something wrong.

snack time at the field

A local informed us of many different trails in the area and after taking a break for a few minutes we headed back to the little league baseball field for snack time. Eventually we did find the correct path and climbed up, up and up. I will admit when we decided to head back home it took me a good 20 to 30 minutes to find the correct path home. We did many circles and it was a process of elimination – and actually the photos that I took earlier in the hike helped lead us on the right path up one more hill towards the car.

We all had a great time hanging out in nature. We all want to return, next time with Max. I prefer to go to the same spot as before and continue to explore. There was a golf course and lake that we did not visit this trip- and much, much more. The only down side of hiking in this area is the horse poop; it was in abundance, but the horses sure are beautiful. Here are a few photos from our adventure. I hope to return to the hills of Palos Verdes soon continuing to hike around with my family.

Malina & I- hike time

Malina & I (notice the trail map was in my hand- I eventually put it up since I couldn’t follow it)

a beautiful horse & stable

This private stable was amazing

the big hill

city view- south bay of la

the family hike

Hiking around & city views

Malina and the cat

Malina with her new friend

palos verdes trail sign

(day 279)


2 thoughts on “Family Hike- Linden H. Chandler Preserve (Palos Verdes Peninsula)

    • HI Ixel- the hike was great and exhausting. If I had a better since of direction it would have not been so long! Please join us on one of our expeditions hiking in the South Bay- always a lot of fun.

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